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Last Updated Feb 24, 2017

Back yet again

10/21/2020: Wow it's been a long time, a lot has changed I'm busy with work again life has sort of spiraled a bit but up, so I'm good. I have had a newer stronger computer for a while now and my own internet though inspiration is seriously nonexistent perhaps next time I'll have to cut and save this but it's nice having the timeline. Anyways I got an idea for a story from a character's situation in a game, now it won't be the exact same no fanfiction here but I was curious so yeah I'll be slowly working on something.

1/7/2020: Didn't think it would ever happen sometimes but I have my own internet with my computer so back again.

6/11/2019: it'll be off for updating for a while not because of writer's block but because I started a new job so I'll pop in when I can.


4/25/2019: Haven't had much to say but haven't had to move to book 2 in a while either I guess it's fine not every story needs a series but still. :D Check out Shadowed Secrets if you read the first nonsense...I mean book heh.

9/5/2018 new: It's been a while, I just haven't been in the mood that is I still worked on some other little stories and I've been reading I just was in a meh sort of mood for a while before I got there. I don't remember what was unfinished but consider it cancelled I just don't remember where I headed I do however have something new planned hope you'll come check it out.

1/1/2018: Lost the net for a bit there but it's back for now you know when net issues happen for me it's even worse since I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere anyways Hope you all had a Merry Happy Holiday Winter Time...lol and have a good New Year.


4/2/2017: Had to do some house cleaning, of my stories, with my racing thoughts I often just go with the stories as is clear and looking back I've finished several. Which is nice but I had left a lot unfinished. I had a look through and some of my whim stories were just that, it wasn't just writer's block that was all I had to share. Rather than leave the clutter I cleared it out I think I'm getting better less writer's block more ideas I can actually take a break from and come back to.

2/24/2017: Have been in an odd mood as far as writing goes now I have been writing just not my own stuff. I kind of missed fanfiction lol, also did other things popped in to see what's up.

1/1/2017: Well finally here.

12/25/2016: My how time flies, and yeah I went there be safe guys :D

12/3/2016: Got a new computer finally, still on break though.

11/29/2016: Don't really have writer's block and it won't be long but I just don't have the will at the moment and rather than just get rid of stories I want to finish I'm going off, so I'm taking some time without the writing thanks for reading my stories. :D

10/25/2016: Went through and think I got the bulk of it, deleted my unfinished stories now I did this because I feel like I might re-write them or start fresh and I had them just cluttering which I don't like. Sorry if you liked those however they had become junk and wouldn't have been finished the way they were leaving them to just be trash forever. Hopefully I can make better stories. Do stay tuned...as I always say it's nearly a catchphrase :D

9/27/2016: Well it happened again, between the last update and this one we had a very cheap computer that worked for what my husband wanted it for so he was using that one while I used the old one. The darn thing quit on me, if I was able to just go and get another one or have it fixed both can be expensive obviously. Then I guess it wouldn't be such a big deal, however I can't so my updates are going to be all over the place. This is my husband's computer and he uses it fairly often but he's asleep so I could use it now. It sucks but meh what can you do, I was working on updates,slowly but I was, not for all of them but most I had the next chapter going. So I'll have to refresh what I started at some point, kind of down though so I don't really feel like updating right this moment anyways. Still I guess it could be worse.


3/20/2016: back again, so if you looked at the last bit you know I lost everything and now I'm sharing a computer with my husband so I can't update as much as I used to.

So I think I mentioned that I had an issue with my computer, then it stopped over heating, there weren't any grinding noises, it wasn't working poorly. Though when I came to update I absolutely could not get this computer to start it gave me the system error "your computer didn't start properly" several times. I told the computer to keep my files, which is the second option as the first simple restart and keep files didn't work. I lost everything including the new chapter I started for you guys obviously so there will be a little delay as I now have to get my computer set up again. If anything else goes wrong well...then I'll be back whenever I can thanks for reading :D

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A note hehe, I saw that we can change our pennames so I used one that a mentioned down below Reddestiny921 briefly to test and see how things go, It changed everything except the little copyright thing which is what I wanted to test.

1/18/2016: Ha! So while I was finishing an update I had the page up, then I had to refresh and saw that the site updated. It looks really nice but darn was I confused for a moment lol.

11/18/2015 - Still don't know if anyone reads up here, but I've been away this time because I've been trying out other things, random things with fanfiction. Fanfic readers seem to respond differently to some things, like generic plots that I play with here and there so I've been declogging my brain.

9/27/2015 - I've been away because of issues with my internet connection, while I can connect to fanfiction and work on a story there I've been having problems loading most other sites. I'm sorry but there isn't much I can do if I can't even stay connected long enough to load my profile. I haven't given up on my stories or anything, so no worries. I'll be back and updating..at some point.

9/8/2015: so after my long break I'm easing out of it finally expect short chapters though, I put a note in the first older story I updated but I won't do that in every one. I was away because I was losing interest, my mind was racing too much and I came up with so many ideas that I was at the point where I was thinking I should just delete stories and start new things. Now I was doing some quick writes and what not and now with a clear head I know I don't want to delete anything so yay :D

9/2/2015 : I know I've been away from my stories for a bit but I won't promise anything, NO I'm not deleting anything, I just mean I'll update as it comes to me instead of staying away from my unfinished work, so no worries :D

8/14/2015: Hey guys I'm back again, the past several days I have had absolutely no access to the internet...ugh, but I don't know how my internet will be so no promises but the stories are not over yet, they may end up taking longer if I keep losing my net.

8/3/2015: my internet was out for two days but I have access again, sorry about the wait :D

7/14/2015 : Had an issue with my internet and it wouldn't let me connect, obviously if you're reading this I got it back but I was concerned. But at least I have a couple of places to run to if I have long term issues.

5/19/2015: Just needed a break, I'll be back :D

4/22/2015: Not much to say, but I worry that I'm going to have issues with the site whenever my internet acts whacky, again if that happens I'll probably move to my Wattpad or Fictionpress account. Who knows, for now don't worry about it, I was just thinking about it today.

3/28/2015: still around I'll still update :D

3/10/2015: I've noticed that when I have time away it's the best time to consider my stories and what not, obviously if you're following me you may have noticed I'm updating again, but two of my stories I wasn't sure about I deleted. I'm thinking about redoing a few things but I'm not sure. I'm also looking to start something new.

2/18/2015: I haven't abandoned my recent stories, just not feeling well, no worries if you were wondering.

Random 2/3/2015: I will be updating, haven't had long in problems or anything, just a little busy with the average writer's block but I'll be updating again soon enough :D better to take a small break while I'm ahead.

Important note: As I mentioned in one of my new stories I really don't know how long I'll be able to access this site so even though I finished TWTD quickly I'm going to be slowing down updates, In fact I have another story idea that I have planned, however if I lose access for whatever reason I'll move my current things to my fictionpress account which is currently empty. 

Random note: Full list of sites I've been on, a lot of my older stuff is crap and have been abandoned until I decide whether or not to re-write them.

RedDestiny92: Fanfiction.net

SweetDreamer92: Adult-FanFiction.net

Reddestiny921: Literotica.com

SweetDreamer92: Wattpad.com

Now as I said the older stuff is crap, I kept and finished stories just cause they entertained me but most of them, meh so if you decide to look for me elsewhere go ahead. I've been on other sites but I know these have stories, my wattpad had two stories that are on hiatus and of course on this account as well.

11/17/2014 update: I have returned I don't know how long I'll be around but at the moment I've been able to come here again and read I have no idea why I have this problem of not being able to load various sites but whatever. I'll just limit my update times.


Final Update I guess:When in doubt go in search of another site! So I already had a Wattpad account but I wasn't using it, I had it and forgot about the darn thing. I am changing my username over there from RedDestiny921 to SweetDreamer92, so it will be easy to find. I'll just post stuff over there. Thanks to everyone who read my stuff here, I'm dissappointed I may not be able to read anything on BooksieSilk again. If you also use Wattpad and post over there let me know, I'll check out your stories. Bye guys. 

Important: Someone help me out here, the internet did a reset, as it sometimes does and that usually gives me access to the sites I lost, why can't I access booksiesilk? Can someone tell me what browser supports the site? I've tried Opera, Chrome, and Firefox, and IE is a piece of junk that messes up my computer everytime I try to open it. 

Important: 8/9/14---8/10/14: I've discovered that for some reason I cannot get booksiesilk to load anymore of course i can respond to comments from this site but I can't access the main site. Which is odd to me but I can't do anything about it. So I won't be abe to update like I was, you can post on that page to tell me if your story is updated or not, I can see it on this profile, but that's all I got, until I can figure something else out. I thought yesterday was just a problem but whatever I guess, *sigh*



I do love to read but lately I don't really have time to get to the library so I tend to read stories online, I have been writing for a long time for someone my age but I was writing pretty bad for most of that time so my beginning doesn't really count. I love to write and tend to fill notebooks with stories I don't really want to work on so I can make room for the ideas that stick. I'm mostly friendly a large part of the time. I don't troll people if I read something I don't like I just move along because even if I don't like something doesn't mean the author/ess should give up, and it really doesn't mean I should insult them and make them feel bad about it. So that's a little about me.


*7/5/2014* Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!! :D

*I'm having some issues with MFL, so I could say it's going back to the drawing board but my plot keeps changing for that I need to temporarily scrap it, I'm sure no one will miss it though lol*


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