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Additions to Our Secret Sins

Hello lovlies! Just a quick note here. I have decided to make some additions to "Our Secret Sins." As I was going through and editing the chapters I have for the billionth time because I'm neurotic, I felt that in the beginning of the book, Galien came off as robotic rather than human. I noticed that I focused more on Naiara's feelings and kept him in the dark. So I've made some slight modifications to show his emotions in writing, even though he himself might not show them. I will also be adding a brand new scene in the later chapters as well as an entire new chapter so be on the look out and thanks for staying with me through the long journey!

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Hello darlings! My name is Kayla, or Soteria ;)  If you read any of my work please DO NOT be shy and let me know! If you liked, disliked, or found anything confusing please tell me and I'll do my best to update!

If you'd like to get to know me or have any questions, you are more than welcome to talk to me here on BooksieSilk, Wattpad, Facebook, and Twitter (sadly) via the links below. Happy reading everyone!






"Beckoning You"

Adair, a powerful nymph sorcerer known as a Rejarnihe, has suffered the cruelest of betrayals from the person he loved and trusted most; His adviser, his lover, his Siren. Years pass in solitude as he tries to move past the dark time in his life. Away from his duties as a Rejarnihe, away from the world of Sirens. His new world comes crashing down when he learns he has a new Siren, an unheard of phenomenon. Fear mingled with curiosity engulfs him and it's a heady intoxication. But one must wonder; will she betray him too? 



"Our Secret Sins"

Wrath. Lust. Envy. Avarice... What's your Sinful Secret?

After surviving an attempt on her life that left her with little memory of her life, Naiara finds herself in the safe arms of the kingdom of Voltaire. Several months after regaining her strength it is discovered that the Voltarian Princess has vanished! In an attempt to salvage strained relations with the imposing kingdom of Wintrose, who had been promised the vanished princess, Naiara finds herself being forced to pose as the missing princess. She will have to fool entire countries if she is to be accepted amongst the nobility and take her place as queen when the day comes. She has few allies to help her through this deceitful endeavor, but with their help she could very well become the princess she is forced to be.

As she struggles with learning the ways of the nobility, the chance for forbidden romance blooms even as danger looms around every corner. Naiara's would be murderer is still out there waiting for the right time to finish his secret sin. Everyone around her has a secret, but who's sin will match hers?


"To Awaken the Elven Moon"

Wynter Kaya, up and coming archaeologist, has just made the biggest discovery of her career. Great right? Or it would be if this amazing discovery wasn't a tall, gorgeous sorcerer with the whitest blonde hair she had ever seen in her life. Oh, and let's not forget those Elven ears! Deep within a secluded, ruined palace, Wynter has accidentally awoken an imprisoned Elven king known as the Moon in his lifetime. Wynter has long believed in the existence of Elves, a belief that she kept mostly to herself. To actually find irrefutable proof of their existence was her heart's deepest desire. The problem? This Elven king seems to have her confused with his late wife, the Sun, with whom she shares no similarities. Or does she?

On one hand, Wynter certainly doesn't mind being the center of attention for this gorgeous Elven king, that is, until she learns of the dark secrets that envelop him. Wynter soon finds herself trapped within an ancient, tangled web wrought with danger and magic. Lust and lies. 

Being pulled in two different directions at every turn, Wynter must make a choice; Does she embrace the Sun within herself and submit to the Moon? Or will she expose those long buried secrets behind the Moon and delve into the unknown abyss? 



The Phantom Prince


Princess Mileena's life has taken a turn for the worse. Her family has been murdered, and she has been abducted the day before her wedding to her fiancee Ambassador Darian of the planet Temesia. And what's worse, she will be given to a man known only as the Phantom Prince; the legend says he is a ruthless murderer known throughout the galaxy known for his merciless crimes. He is a man so secretive that no one has ever seen his face. What will become of her in the deadly grasp of the Phantom Prince? Will she uncover the secrets buried by the mysterious Phantom Prince, or will she fight with everything she has to protect those secrets?



"On the Wings of S.I.N" (Novel has been taken down temporarily as it will be Book 2 in a series)


Urian Barega is known for his legendary defense program S.I.N and even more famous for his looks. He and his small crew have made it their mission in life to liberate planets in need of rescuing and they always succeed. But while on a mission to liberate the planet Anastasius Urian and his crew are attacked by the very planet they vowed to save, his crew escapes but Urian is taken prisoner. After a week in a primitive dungeon he is forced to participate in a heinous game by the king of Anastasius. The "game" as the king calls it, is to brutalize a defenseless woman. When Urian realizes this he refuses and he and the woman are attacked. They manage to escape and discover they fight for the same cause, liberate Anastasius. Urian is stunned by the fact that she wishes to overthrow her king and even more stunned when she suddenly flees from him.

This mysterious woman is Princess Sapphiria. What Urian doesn't know is that he and Sapphiria are destined to be life mates. This is a fact that she must hide from Urian. Her father, the king of Anastasius, loves to torture his people, and has a sick fascination with torturing life mates. Urian is her planet's last hope for survival, without him they will be trapped forever under the grip of a monster. She must hide the truth from him to save him even though doing so will destroy her only chance of ever being in love or having a family to call her own. She knows she will cross paths with him again and disguises herself, he must never know the real her. But no matter what, they must unite and save Anastasius. They must unite to live and to love. If they unite they will die… Well, as Urian would say, "Decisions, decisions."


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