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I try to write but I am not great, but if you would give me pointers I would really appreciate it!!! 

I am 19 and I love music!

I love the colors black and purple.


I am a fan of the Twilight series but I really only read it for EMMETT!!!

I love writing about whoever I find attractive at the moment :)

Sparkles = LOVE!!

Adam Lambert is amazing and if you haven't heard his music, you must!!

I also love Avenged Sevenfold,  Of Mice & Men, Breaking Benjamin, Kris Allen, Kansas, Journey, Queen, and many others.

I really want to improve my writing so if you could read my stuff and comment, I will love you for life!!

I enjoy texting, reading and making up random characters.

I have recently become COMPLETELY OBSESSED with the show Supernatural and Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!

Vampire Diaries is also becoming a quick favorite >-<

The Office has to be tied with Famiy Guy as the funniest show on television today!!!

You can also find me on and

Want me to read or maybe even write, something for you, please just let me know!!!

95% of teens would have a breakdown if Miley Cyrus was standing on the edge of a tower ready to jump. Copy and paste this onto your profile if you're a part of the 5% yelling "Jump, BITCH JUMP !!






alt alt




















“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.” -Dean in season 1’s “Pilot"   
“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” -Andrea to Dean in season 1’s “Dead in the Water"
 Sam: "Why’d you let me fall asleep?" Dean: "Because I’m an awesome brother. So what did you dream about?" Sam: "Lollipops and candy canes." -from season 1's "Bloody Mary”
“Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I’m gonna whack you with a spoon.” -Missouri to Dean in season 1’s “Home"   
“Who do you think is a hotter psychic: Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?” -Dean to Sam in season 1’s “Asylum"   
"I had a crappy guidance counselor." -Sam, on why his job is being a Hunter in season 1's "Asylum"   
"Hold me, Sam. That was beautiful." -Dean, mocking Sam's earnestness in season 1's "Scarecrow"   
“I’m not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.” -Dean in season 1’s “Faith   
“My name is Dean Winchester. I ‘m an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women. And I did not kill anyone.” -Dean from season 2’s “The Usual Suspects"   
Sam: “This is the dumbest thing you've ever done." Dean: “I don't know about that. Remember that waitress in Tampa?" -from season 2’s “Croatoan"
“What do you wanna do, poke her with a stick? Dude! You're not gonna poke her with a stick!” -Sam to Dean in season 2’s “Playthings"   
Sam: "Dean, there's ten times as much lore about angels as there is about anything else we've ever hunted." Dean: "Yeah, you know what? There's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact, I hear that they ride on silver moonbeams and they shoot rainbows out of their ass!" Sam: "Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?" -from season 2’s “Houses of the Holy"   
"Dude, you full-on had a girl inside you for like a whole week. That’s pretty naughty." -Dean to Sam in season 2’s “Born Under a Bad Sign"   
Dean: “Save room for dessert, Tiny. Hey, I wanted to ask you, because I couldn't help but notice you are two tons of fun. Just curious, is it like a thyroid problem? Or is that just some deep-seated self esteem issue? Because you know, they're just doughnuts. They're not love." -from season 2’s “Folsom Prison Blues"   
“I lost my shoe.” -Sam in season 3’s “Bad Day at Black Rock"   
“Snow White? I saw that movie. The porn version anyway. There was this wicked Stepmother. Woo, she was wicked.” -Dean in season 3’s “Bedtime Stories"   
“Dude, could you be more gay? Don’t answer that.” -Dean to Sam in season 3’s “Bedtime Stories"  
Dean: “Can I shoot her?" Sam: “Not in public." -talking about Bela in season 3’s “Red Sky at Morning"
"You fudgin' touch me again, I'll fudgin' kill you! -Dean in season 3’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas"   
Sam and Dean (in unison): “Yeah right. Nice guess. It wasn't guess. Right, you're a mind reader. Cut it out Sam. Sam! You think you're being funny but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears make-up. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchesters keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning when he wakes up … OK, enough!" -from season 3’s “Mystery Spot"    
"I'd like to think it's because of my perky nipples." -Dean, explaining why he thinks he got out of Hell in season 4's "Lazarus Rising"   
"Sammy, wherever you are, mom is a babe. I'm going to hell ... again. -Dean in season 4’s “In the Beginning"   
"Sam loves research. He does. He keeps it under his mattress with his KY." -Dean in season 4's "Metamorphosis"   
“Oh, I'm not carrying that. It could go off. I'll man the flashlight.” -Dean, on why he won’t carry a gun in season 4’s “Yellow Fever"   
Dean: “That is exactly why our lives suck. I mean, come on, we hunt monsters! What the hell? I mean, normal people, they see a monster, and they run. But not us, no, no, no, we search out things that want to kill us. Or eat us! You know who does that? Crazy people! We are insane! You know, and then there's the bad diner food and then the skeevy motel rooms and then the truck-stop waitress with the bizarre rash. I mean, who wants this life, Sam? Seriously? Do you actually like being stuck in a car with me eight hours a day, every single day? I don't think so! I mean, I drive too fast. And I listen to the same five albums over and over and over again, and I sing along. I'm annoying, I know that. And you, you're gassy! You eat half a burrito, and you get toxic! I mean, you know what? You can forget it. Stay away from me Sam, OK? Because I am done with it. I'm done with the monsters and the hellhounds and the ghost sickness and the damn apocalypse. I'm out. I'm done. Quit." -from season 4’s “Yellow Fever"
"Zombie-ghost orgy, huh? Well, that's it. I'm torching everybody." -Dean in season 4's "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"   
Sam: "He's famous, kind of." Dean: "For what, douchebaggery?" -discussing Jeb Dexter in season 4's "Criss Angel is a Douchebag"
Becky: "And then Sam touched..." No. "...caressed Dean's clavicle. 'This is wrong,' said Dean. 'Then I don't want to be right,' replied Sam, in a husky voice." -writing slash fan fiction in season 5's "Sympathy for the Devil"     
“There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: you are not gonna die a virgin, not on my watch.” -Dean to Castiel in season 5’s “Free to Be You and Me"   
“She made us try on her panties. They were pink. And satiny. And you know what? We kind of liked it.” -Dean to himself in season 5’s “The End"   
“One leather jacket, one sasquatch." -A hotel clerk describing Dean and Sam in season 5’s “Swap Meat"   
"I found a liquor store. And I drank it." -Castiel in season 5


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