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It was the summer of 2014. I had just turned 18 and I was going through a particularly difficult stage in my relationship with my then girlfriend, Jess.  At this point we had broken up but still talked as “friends”. The trouble was I couldn’t see her as a friend. And that’s not me saying I didn’t like her or anything. The reason I couldn’t see her as a friend was because I still had strong feelings for her. After everything we had been through going from a couple to nothing wasn’t an option.

Anyway, I’m diverting from the story. As I said it was during summer, we had both finished college and were looking forward to uni. Our college asked all of us to come in and collect out certificates for our A-Levels on certain days before the new students started their lessons.

I was the only friend that lived near Jess that could drive so I offered to take her in to get her certificates along with me. Nothing more nothing less, should be a quick errand right? Wrong. It didn’t end as I expected.

I drove from my house to hers which was only a 10 minute drive but I was nervous the entire journey, as I said I still had feelings for her. Maybe I had intentions to try and rekindle our relationship, but I digress.

I pulled up to her house and text her to say I was outside. Her door opened and there she was the epitome of beauty. She wore a knee length blue dress with a low cut neck line. She knew how much I loved her wearing that because it showed off her legs and my god they were perfect, toned, long and soft as silk. I could run my hands on them for hours and lose track of time. And the low cut neck line drove me crazy for the reason that I’m sure you can guess. It was the perfect way for her to show off her 34E breasts. And she knew it drove me crazy, I was a lot taller than her (I’m 6’2” and she was 5’5”) so when I looked down at her wearing that dress, I certainly got more than an eyeful, and I wasn’t complaining.

The drive from her house to our college wasn’t that long, only half an hour really. Driving there was fine; we chatted as if we were friends, had some laughs and had a general catch up. But every now and then I would get a glimpse of her cleavage from the corner of my eye and I was wearing black basketball shorts so if I stared for too long, she would know about it one way or another.

We got to college and we didn’t take long to get everything sorted. Went in, collected the certificates, and went back to the car. That’s when it started.

We started talking about US. Not as friends but how things were between us over our 2 year relationship. We laughed about a lot of the stuff that happened, all very good natured stuff, and then we turned onto sex. Without revealing too much we had a LOT of different sexual experiences together, from having sex in our college toilets, to having sex in a tent at a festival with dozens of people walking past us. And talking about it got me pretty excited, and she could notice. She looked down and could see me nursing what could be described as a noticeable bulge.

She didn’t say anything; she just smiled, but not the smile of someone who just laughed at a friend’s joke. No. This was the smile I have seen her give me plenty of times before. The smile she gave when she crawled up the bed naked to me begging me to fuck her hard. The look she gives to me when I squeeze her perfectly perky bum. Or the look she gives me when she can see me trying to hide my erection.

Without saying a word, she slowly put her hand on my thigh. At this point I was driving so I was trying not to get distracted. That hand slowly moved up my thigh closer to my now fully erect cock. The second she touched it I had to say something.

“Whoah what are you doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m helping you out with that thing” she said.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, we broke up remember?” I said shakily.

“So? Doesn’t mean we can’t have a Little bit of fun” a teasing tone to her voice as she spoke.

Before I could say another word she grabbed my left hand from my gear stick and moved it to her thigh. Just the feeling of my fingertips touching her legs made me remember all the times before and how it made me feel. Horny, Very horny. She dragged my hand up her upper leg, lightly trying to turn herself on by the look of it. Before I knew it, my hand was between her legs.

“Someone’s a little excited?” by this point the tone in my voice had changed drastically. Now I was flirting as well.

“What can I say, you know just how to turn me on.” She replied.

“How about we go to our usual spot?”

We had found our usual spot when we got lost on a road trip once. It was a car park at the end of a narrow mile long road that allowed people to park up and walk into a nearby forest. The thing was that the car park was never used. Well at least not while we were there. This made the spot perfect for having sex in my car. And we had done this a lot.

“Ok fine but hurry up” She demanded. And I was happy to oblige.

Luckily the spot was only 15 minutes away from where we were at the time.  But those 15 minutes flew by. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to drive with full attention while a horny girl in your passenger seat is both touching herself and touching you. But let me tell you, it is pretty much impossible.

We eventually got to our spot and as luck would have it, there was nobody there, perfect. When I parked my car up, I looked at her and she gave me that look again. A single look could tell an entire conversation. We both knew we wanted this and we didn’t care at all. This was going to happen, and there weren’t any complaints from either of us.

Now my car wasn’t huge, for anyone who has ever owned a 2005 Renault Clio, you know what I mean. For those who don’t, it’s a reasonable size, but in order to make full use, we would have to get in the back and fold the front seats down and move them forward as much as possible. But after the amount of times we had done this before, we knew exactly what to do.

We both got in the back and as always, the missing was the first thing on my mind, kissing Jess was always amazing, she was brilliant. Her tongue was never static, but it wasn’t moving so much that it was weird. It could caress everything. She knew the perfect time to bite my lips, when to stroke my tongue with hers. It was amazing.

All the while that we were kissing, she started to undress me, off came my top. And then she sat upright and before she could even asked, I started taking her dress off. I did it slowly, knowing how much it turned her on. I slowly uncovered her body and my god it was amazing, she wasn’t skinny, and I love that, but she had a perfect amount of tone and muscle to her body, I can’t think of a better word than perfect.

So there she was, naked apart from her underwear, and they were matching so I knew that she had secretly waned this to happen all along, even if she wouldn’t admit it. She looked down at my waist and saw I was pretty much fully erect. She bit her lip and started taking my shorts off, leaving me sat there in the back of my car in my boxers. They weren’t on for much longer. She pulled them down and my dick sprang out at full attention, all seven inches of it. And she didn’t waste any time, she started stroking it, tracing her finger up and down the shaft, teasing me for what was about to happen. The grasp came and she could grip it so well. She worked it slowly, up and down all while kissing me, then taking the occasional break to kiss and lick my ear which just made me want to get going. She let go and then I moved over to her, kissing her again. I reached around her bra and unhooked the latches, uncovering those amazing, perfectly sized 34E boobs. And just like her, I didn’t waste any time, my hand grabbed her right breast while my mouth focused on the left, my tongue circling her nipple, sucking and biting ever so gently. She let out little moans and I loved it.

I started kissing her body down, working my way from her breasts down to her waist, making a tongue with my trail. All the while I maintained my right hand on her breast. Eventually I got down to her pants and started to lower them with my teeth, then taking them off completely with my hand. Clean shave. Typical of her, she knew that’s what I like. She definitely expected this on some level.

My tongue quickly found her inner thigh. Making small circular motions while getting closer to her vagina. I slowly and passionately ran my tongue around her entrance and she let out her signature moan, turning me on more. I could tell how wet she was and I always liked feeling that on my tongue, and she was exceptionally wet this time. My tongue started probing; going deeper and deeper exploring every inch it could reach. She grabbed the top of my head and pulled me in closer, I struggled to breath but I loved it. I could tell that it was driving her crazy, I looked up to see how she was and she said the three words every man wants to hear.

“Fuck me. Now”

Well you don’t have to tell me twice, I adjusted my position and moved her legs closer to me. I grabbed my dick and slowly rubbed it on her vagina, weird I Know but it drove her insane so why the hell not. Then when I knew she wanted it enough, I pushed in, every inch made her moan even more. Each moan having a higher tone than the last. I started out slow but hard. Making sure that with every thrust I pressed in as hard as she could. That was just how she liked it. I could feel her muscles convulse with every time I thrust into her.

My Arms were propped up on the front and back seat and it was getting tiring, but Jess was spurring me on. But every time she squealed or moaned it motivated me to go harder and faster. We were in ecstasy. The mixture of the amazing sex and the fact that we were both in an adrenaline rush from the danger of being caught by someone casually walking by on a leisurely stroll. It made it all the hotter.

Then I decided to just stay in there, not thrusting, just held it in there as deep as I can, and just pressing hard. And she went crazy, I felt her nails dig into my back but the high from the pain just made me push harder. It was like a vicious cycle but for the anguish was replaced by pleasure. I pulled out and looked at her and demanded that I lick her out again.

I lay down on my cars back seat and told her to straddle my face. She did so without questioning. She lowered her sweet wet vagina onto my mouth and I instantly started licking. I licked from the bottom of her vagina, picking up all the juices she had produced so far and licked my way to her clit. I started sucking it just lightly. Then my sucking got harder. Practically pulling her whole clit into my mouth, she was crazy. She thrust her crotch into my face making it all the better for her.

She then sat up and started to move.

“What are you doing?” I asked, worried she was having second thoughts.

“Turning around, it’s only fair that if you’re licking me out, I should be able to give that big dick a bit of love too.” My god this girl knew how to turn me on.

She did as she said and turned around, lowered herself back onto my face and then lowered her head down to my dick, taking the whole thing in her mouth. I was struggling to focus on licking her out because she was driving me crazy with the way her tongue kept lapping the end of my dick, then it travelled the length of my shaft and circled my balls.

My focus turned back to her, but this time I had a little surprise for her. With the way she was sitting, my tongue was in easy reach of her ass. I had rimmed Jess before and knew she liked it, but this caught her by surprise, I placed my tongue at her ass and started to push ever so gently. She let out a little yelp to let me know how surprised she was. But she didn’t mind at all, it made her suck my dick even harder. Her hands then started feeling my balls, caressing then, squeezing them ever so gently.

I decided to kick it up a notch; I took a break from rimming her and went back to her vagina, probing my tongue deeper and deeper. I decided to give her another little surprise. I managed to get my arm to stretch around and with my finger, slowly started poking her ass. Not entering it but just rubbing it, as if I was preparing it. I could feel the pressure she was applying to my balls getting greater. I decided to take my moment and carefully put my finger into her ass.

This seemed to set her into overdrive and she reciprocated.  She stopped sucking my dick for a second which puzzled me; turns out she was sucking on her own finger. I only realised this because a second later, I felt her finger go inside me. No messing around, no teasing like I did, just straight in. Not that I minded.

We were at it for a good few minutes, it was complete sensory overdrive. Both of us were being pleasured in 2 different ways simultaneously. It wasn’t long before she stopped again.

“Oh god, please fuck me again” she said with bated breath.

I naturally obliged. She climbed off of me and allowed me to readjust my position. I sat down in the middle of my cars back seat and told her to go on top. I held my dick upright and she straddled one leg over me and slowly lowered herself onto my hard dick. This was my favourite sight. Jess bouncing up and down on me completely naked, her boobs just bouncing around, millimetres away from my face. I couldn’t help myself, so I decided to give them a good lick. She grabbed the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair as if to say she was begging me to continue. So I did just that. I could lick those big beautiful boobs all day if it were possible. My hands reached around her and started squeezing her ass.

She started bouncing faster and faster. I couldn’t help it, I knew I was close to finishing.

“I’m so close” I said with the breath I had left.

“Finish in my mouth then” she replied.

So she got off me, sat beside me and grasped my dick firmly in her hand. She started pumping up and down, trying to finish me off, I looked at her and kissed her. Our tongues meeting and caressing each other. I somehow managed to break away from the kiss and say

“I’m cumming”

Without hesitation Jess stopped the kissing and put her mouth around the end of my dick. The handwork kept going and before I knew it. I felt the surge go through my dick and felt my hot sperm flow into her mouth, my god I could tell there was a lot coming out. After I had stopped cumming, she kept licking my dick, making sure she got every last drop, licking up and down my manhood.

She looked up at me and gave me that smile again.

But I wasn’t done there. I looked her with a grateful smile and moved my hand down between her legs. I started rubbing her clit between two fingers, admiring her perfect body whilst I was doing so. Her head tilted back over my seat as she moaned with delight. Before I knew it, my finger was deep inside of her, swivelling around feeling every part of her. I still wasn’t done and wanted to make sure she was completely satisfied. I took my finger out but only to replace it with 2 fingers. It was a squeeze but they both fit. Jess let out a high pitched squeak but immediately that squeak turned into a moan when my two fingers started going in and out of her now soaking wet vagina.

Jess could barely contain herself; she was moaning so much that she could barely speak. The one time she could muster up a sentence, it was simple.

“Oh god baby don’t stop, I’m nearly there!”

I went into overdrive; I started thrusting my fingers faster and faster. I started kissing and licking her neck, she couldn’t contain herself. She let out a huge moan and I could feel her muscles spasm as she reached climax.

We just sat there, naked in the back seat of my car, panting to try and get our breath back. We looked at each other and just smiled. It was bliss.

We eventually got changed and I drove her home. When we got back to hers, she looked at me as she got out the car. But it wasn’t the look shed been giving me all day. This was different. I can only assume that this was a look to say that this wasn’t just one time thing.

And I was right. But that’s a story for another time.







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