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I think for myself and I love myself.
I see for myself and I feel myself.
I fill up myself and I seed myself.
I live in the womb of the soul myself.
I flow myself and I drive myself.
I sleep with myself and I know myself.
I keep myself and live inside myself.
For I am myself and my female self.
I will myself and I am not against myself.
I know myself and I speak for myself.
I have come to know and accept myself and I am fully satisfied with myself.
I trust and understand myself and I do forgive myself.
I truly honestly love myself and I am good enough for myself.
I have nothing to change about myself and I am proud and happy with myself.


On the 4th November 1984.

The pages started to fill with words telling stories as i pass each day.

Creating a writen 22 years of Luciano Fisher in God's book of life....

Since a young age ive been writing.

Its an emotional outlet for me.

I dont know why but i cant speak open about my feelings.

Id rather let it all out with a pen and paper in a code of song,story or poetry.

You could say the pen and paper are the only one's who know the real me.

Its like a split personality....

A voice i communicate with and the other i write with.

You could say poetry has always been my spiritual voice.

By The Beat Of My Heart!
Love is immortal will you may call my heart & my blood knows the way of a loving taught. So there's blood memory of love the
brain forgot. This ensures that the will of my heart won't stop. Living on in my spirit like our loving GOD. Pumping life in my
veins by the beat of my heart. Giving birth to love making in the in the people I've touched. Love in the form of emotional
growth. My emotion embodied in the poems I've wrote. On a public platform communicate across the globe & in time they
come alive all around the world. Immortal will realized by the love my poems hold.
As I sit & think!
As I sit & think about the life I lived of every past mistake & every struggle faced. I contemplate of a way I do not feel alone & I
am better understood in my family home. So they may know & except me for the way I am & we no longer fuss & fight about
the way I am. Please understand I make love in almost everything
Energy by my life flow!
I feel a pulse let the blood flow! Heart beat pump my love in the veins full. Nerve endings feel & start the Eco. So now you feel
& you know. Spirit go make it so! Energy by my life flow!
Love conceived!
Lend me your ears so I can speak! Come a little closer so my word's heard & received. Listen in emotion so its felt & believed.
Then to your understanding that its love conceived!
I need you to believe in me & know me well enough to trust me!
I need you to believe in me & know me well enough to trust me & even when I take a risk I need you to allow me. I need you to
love me, love me in a way you will allow me to be me. This is a part of what makes me feel free. God knows I long to be free!
Wake up dear love!
Wake up dear love! Arise from your slumber. There is a great need for love they hunger. Can you hear my heart calling for love I
suffer? Wake up dear love! My love is calling ya!
I deliver revelation!
I deliver revelation, Of love creation, As an occupation, Global motivation, Universal blessing, Of my love confessing, So my
love may come to every understanding. I'm a loving being, You can feel the real thing, There is no defending, When its love
connecting, So I will you no doubt in love understanding. Believe its true! That when it comes to love I tell no lies to you. So
now I'm telling you. That I do love you!
A rush of blood brings oxygen to my head!
A rush of blood brings oxygen to my head & I begin to think more clearer than Ive ever had. I understand more deeply &
imagine possibility. Then gain more determination to create love within me. I then begin to see in feeling & understand my
Program love as a function!
Program love as a function making hate unwelcome. So the jealousy wont come & the trust is welcome. Then our happiness
be done. Everyone is a loved one. Let us help one another. With care for each other & see how special difference is to each
other. Command love from another! Everyone is equal. Make oppression illegal & we see every one's love become so damn real.
That everyone in the world will have love they can feel.
Love as an instinct!
I speak in faith like the universe. My writing speak. Born faith in God so its never weak. Love as an instinct. Care no need to
think. Coz when it comes to my love there is no delete. My love within ever present, ever dominant. Any obstacle my love will
conquer it. Love has no defeat, impossible to beat. Coz everything in existence fuck in came from it.
Love comes alive!
A breath of love, fill your lungs, love comes alive, open your eyes, see I'm love & I am still alive.
With the earth as a platform!
With the earth as a platform. I'm aiming above norm. To change my reality into a better one. To love more freely & express
more clearly. Without insecurity in being just me. No holding back my personality. Therefore I'm always living ever truthfully.
If I have a hidden motive it is loving truly. Love is my riches & of greatest value. Just like a slave I will work on loving you &
always improve in the ways I love you!
You need not fear me!
There is no possible reason for you to fear me when Love's your intent I can see it clearly Therefore you need not fear me.
In my loner state of mind!
In my loner state of mind I find myself in thoughts, in places I'm not bound. I'm free to be myself without the consequence &
although I imagine I am happy again for once....
When will freedom come?
When will freedom come? Freedom of choice that is not doubted by anyone? When will freewill rule? Freewill God gave all
humanity as a whole????
If love be a sin!
If love be a sin I am guilty on all accounts God knows my love in limitless amounts. Undoubted loving sacrifice. Without
question of my health. I make love!
They equip & defend me when I need defending.
Deep in my brain I have memories that keep me sain. They equip & defend me when I need defending. Its my God given......
Like a neural thunderstorm!
Like a neural thunderstorm my brain ignites & process my loving thoughts at a quantum level.
What have we done?
Building your hopes up & braking them down. Creates fear of disappointment & then the outcome? Is trust in no one. What
have we done?
Dear God can you help me?
Dear God can you help me? I have a problem. Ive been misunderstood my entire life long. Misunderstood by my parents. Their
constant worrying. Making it hard 4 me being the person who you know I am. I pray that you help me Dear God Amen!
As loud as a taught!
As loud as a taught without speaking out. My written words are heard out loud as I pour out in words emotion inside on ink
flow out.
Imagine me!
I'm developing a liking in your personality & I see all the good it can do here in my reality. Imagine me!
I plant my poetic love seeds at the center of the universe!
I plant my poetic love seeds at the center of the universe & verse for verse they enter into memories. To create a love cycle
at the center of the universe.
They say love conquers all!
They say love conquers all so let it conquer the world & all behold the truth Ive told
Allow me to be myself!
Allow me to be myself & let them say what they may of a person like myself. A person who willingly naturally just love &
displays actions of self sacrifice. There is no limit to such a person's love. Even in sin this person sins for love & except the
consequence. This I know for this person is myself!
Let me live my entire life as nothing but myself!
Will you listen when I speak & respect my opinion. Will you stop making me do what you are thinking. Are you willing to allow
me to be myself. Let me live my entire life as nothing but myself.
Deep in the dark!
Deep in the dark of my mind let there now be light & let the light chain react to other parts in dark. So that my love may shine
o so ever bright. That there is no sight that can not see my love alight!
The memories in my brain.
The memories in my brain are my testament of how my life was spent & my loving intent!
Shift my brain into a higher gear!
Shift my brain into a higher gear. So I can think a little faster with no more fear. Leaving pain in my rear bringing happiness
near. Then I hit the unlimited nos button to collect my love who's here. There is no win or lose only love with no fear!
By the love breath in my lung.
By the love breath in my lung. Fall upon my tongue. So I may speak loving words to who I come upon.
Every one's unique.
Every one's unique. So please listen when I speak. Take some time to think. While you listen as I speak. Then consider &
respect it. Cause I know I'm unique & even tough you may not know it. This will be a good deed. Reason being this will give me
self esteem I need!
Its murder on the self esteem.
Its murder on the self esteem when people wont allow you to go find who are you. Its killing your self confidence when people
try to change you into who is not you. Its hard to keep the will to live when people judge & hurt you just for being you!
Dear personality oppressor:
Dear personality oppressor enjoy your time left. Sense here comes the beginning of your sickness's death. So light fast upon
you no escape or defend, misleading or any time left. For you to use those sick thoughts in your head. Such wrath befall you.
Your spirit dies as it tries to desert you. Life ends within you all versions & copies, memories & images of you. Molecules,
fibres, particles, energy making up the sickness that is you. Dissolves till there's no microscopic evidence in existence of the
sickness that was you. You know what you've done explanation is useless. Proceed action of all the above! God forgive me.
I call to God, Humanity & The Devil to please help me out!
Your suspicion is bullying the honesty out of me. Making me criminally contemplate things that should have been easy. Be
honest with yourself your unwilling to forgive all my past mistakes. Keeping me in one place by predicting the actions of past
mistakes. Its like doing time for a crime you already did time for. Yet I always forgive & continue to love you. In hope you see
& repent for the wrongs that you do. Heaven, earth & hell is my witness of the wrongs that you do. Is love such a sin that I
deserve such judgment. I call to God, humanity & The Devil to please help me out. Perhaps there s reward in time that's
owed. I'm starting to feel like death is better than living like this. Why do I deserve to live? I beg of you God please put your
foot down on this. I can only lovingly exist!
Respect thy children's opinion!
Dear God I pray in need of your help in accordance of your commandment "Respect thy father & mother" witch I have no
problem with. But as a child its hard to convince your parents of your wishes especially when it comes to disobedience. Not
out of any ill will but of just wanting to live & be yourself. Therefore I come to you today dear Heavenly Father & ask of you to
add to your commandment Respect thy children s opinion & give listen & consideration to them. Perhaps they pose as a
problem who s roots lay in a lesion they bring to parenting. So I pray today on behalf of an entire generation that you add to
your commandment Respect thy father & mother. Fathers & mothers there will be times you have to listen & be taught by
your sons & daughters! This I pray cause I see that punishment isn't helping solving this problem in our reality. Witch also
cause a distance between parents & children's relationships closeness. I love & I thank you. Amen! PS A good parent s not
afraid to admit wrong to their children!
I pray you listen to reason!
I pray you listen to reason in the difference on opinion. Seek to come to understanding of any opinion. Its a great self
achievement in confession of a wrong decision. For it will improve the correctness of your decision making. Slip & stumble &
fall into a path of improvement. All things considered.
So shall it be!
Positivity without negativity cant create electricity. So I negatively inspire myself to positively crush my fear of self
acceptance insecurity. To express myself so truthfully love feeds on my energy. As it changes the world's perception on
reality. So shall it be!
Powerful commanding one line!
Strengthen & awaken will to love from within!
Love & happiness due!
I was never any good at keeping curfew. So please change the rules I cant abide to, & save yourself from broken rules that
disappoint you. Then to the worry deep inside you. A little less weight each time you change the rules to better suit me &
you. Love & happiness due!
I'm a living being in need of hearing!
Transport blood to my brain with every issue, every poem that Ive ever written. Look it up on the Internet & expose it to
everyone & everything. Cause I'm a living being in need of hearing!
Lets make life worth living!
Let us debate & invasion a better way of life. From the ways we are treated to improvements needed in our family house.
Review my poems on the table & those yet to come. Of my point of view & those who relate to them. Lets make life worth
Dis-guard manipulation & invoke the truth!
Dis guard manipulation & invoke the truth. So love is good. Then hunger for true love like its your most important food.
I can only be me!
I cant continue to live my life mostly doing time. For disobedience you sentence me by taking away whats mine. Like my
freedom or the things you gave to me. When you taught me you must not take back what you gave to me & I believed thee. Yet
when I brake a rule or do something not up to your liking. You take your trust in me away from me. Then I gotta win it back by
doing what you decide to punish me. I'm sorry but I no longer wanna live if this is how my life is gonna continue to be. I can only
be me!
Allow me to be & see when you ain't making me I deserve to be free!
Accept it when I disagree. Don't try to force me, because sooner or later your force I will see & come to realize I did what you
were making me. Don't make a puppet or a fool of me coz I will come to see. Let me be me not what you think I should be in this
reality. Your life ain't for me if you are making me. Allow me to be & see when you ain't making me I deserve to be free!
I'm a ever loving creature called human!
My loving nature is immune to amnesia. I'm a ever loving creature called human.
To come to a solution at the root!
I took a little time reflecting & recollecting my life memories in my mind. To come to a solution at the root of my problems
found. So I may feel alive & unbound.
Give me freedom of choice to make my own decision!
You can try to explain. You can even complain. But the truth of the matter is its you to blame. It is you who wont except me
for who I am. It is you who try to force me into your ways of living instead of giving me the freedom of choice to make my own
It is time to murder the selfishness in you!
No longer will I be bullied into things you want me to do. No more will I except when you make everything about you. So think of
me & I will think of you. But it is time to murder the selfishness in you!
Ive been thinking for a while now!
Ive been thinking for a while now about my life & of all the things needed for me to survive. Survival of my personality & all the
ways I love. Is for you to understand me & allow me to live my life. Without correction or kept under hawk eyes & so on. I will
gain more self respect & will to stay alive!
I know for a fact its true!
My words absolutely have to be respected & they have to go through. For they are vital information from me to you & if all
these words remind you of someone it applies to you too. Believe me there's allot of people that relate & feel the same way I
know for a fact that's true!
Love is law in my book!
Love is law in my book & it includes every picture that my mind took. Take a look & you'll find that its good.
The truth within my words!
The truth within my words pierce the simple & the brightest mind. Then provide you emotion of the rarest kind. So you may
think, feel & know what its like for what I feel inside.
Ive got my mind set on love!
Ive got my mind set on love & improvement thereof. There is nothing in this world that can brake my focus on true love. I
breath love, my blood flows with love. Love is what I dream of.
So that I can finally feel like I want to live!
I throw away my fear & all the things keeping me from telling you what bothers me. So you may come to deeper
understanding me. For you see its not easy for me to live misunderstood like this. That's why its so important for me to let
you know who I as person is. So that I can finally feel like I want to live!
My spirit energy!
My spirit energies embedded With a love so strong that you can physically feel the love you came upon!
What I need for me to brake these chains!
Give me freedom of choice even if I make the same mistakes. There is reasons why I'm making it. I learn from it so have
patience with how long it takes. Its what I need for me to brake these chains!
In the importance of getting myself known!
Deep in the recess of my memory I find emotion Ive unknowingly been trying to hide & let it out in the importance of getting
myself known. So I can lead a better life in this world I call home. Ive got opinion & a point of view of my own & I think its time
for me to show it to you. However I have too. So those like me are set free around you!
We live to love nothing else meets our standards!
The state & mindset that the world is in is not what I expected in my younger living. So let me say the world's not up to my
standards. How can it be when it feels so heartless. Like no one understands you & your not a part of what the norm is. So
lets make them see that we are living beings. We live to love nothing else meets our standards!
I discover the return of my knowing!
I discover the return of my knowing. The ever present certainty of who I am as a being. Now I enter in a state of mind that
keeps me focused on my doing. As I develop an increase in the following of my writing & there is more & more support in me as
a person. My words are electric ever ready in the knowing!
My energy goes nuclear with the power of love!
I develop willingness to die to be understood & my self knowledge ex cells for the greater good. I process thoughts in
emotion & I know my heart. Where there's a dieing in my love I give it a jump start. My energy goes nuclear with the power of
love. In all possible ways I distribute my love!
Love forever plays its part!
Welcome to the Fisher Luciano verse where love rules, makes & brakes the rules. All in the name of love & happiness. Thus the
love confess & posses the heart from the end to start. Love forever plays its part.
The action of this process is the love that I make!
I activate my senses to transmit & pick up love signals on a spiritual wave length. My spiritual energy increases & its love
prepared. So loving energies come closer & united I stand. The action of this process is the love that I make!
I become conscious of my will to love!
I become conscious of my will to love & find strength & will power in my beating heart of love. My eyes go open with more ways
to love. As I grow more trust in our God above. I become more blessed & more focused on love & place it above all & anything
else. Therefore in all my doing what I make is love.
I attract love like I'm magnetized!
I attract love like I'm magnetized & draw good towards me like its advertised. My inner being simply cannot hide all of the
love that I have inside!
Unleash my full love, love who loves till death!
Let loose my free spirit & my power to attract. Then serve in large doses my emotional respect. To unleash my full love, love
who loves till death.
My happiness unfold!
I refuse to be controlled coz love it need not be controlled. So my soul is wild & free with the love behold. As with every rhyme
I wrote I come a little more closer to my soul mate to hold. My happiness unfold!
Let me be free!
I need to be set free, free to make my choices & mistakes things that make me, me. I need trust & belief in me. Trust to allow
me be me & belief that its to the improvement & better of me. I need you to forgive me. Forgive me my mistakes & let me be
Is life not the gift that I got from you?
Respect my decision & accept my no don't bully me into a yes of my no. Coz this leaves a feeling that I made a decision you
forced me into. This is not the life I want to live & choose too. This is the life that you force me into. Truth be told I dislike the
things you force me into. Coz this don't feel like living it feels like I live to serve you. Is life not the gift that I got from you?
Making up & building the feeling of the love I am!
I know myself & I know who I am. Love is the primary function making up who I am & it also determines my actions & decisions
in every situation. Making up & building the feeling of the love I am!
You gotta give me choice to be who I want too!
You gotta stop telling me what I can & cant do. How will I know who I am when I'm not allowed too? So if you wanna make me
more happy around you. You gotta give me choice to be who I want too.
I will reason with you make you understand!
Will you please stop making me feel like all I do is wrong? When all I'm really doing is being who I am. Please say yes & that you
understand & let me be myself. I repeat again! I will reason with you make you understand!
This is what I need you to understand!
This is what I need you to understand. I need to be as free as I possibly can. Free to be myself, free to love someone else, free
to make my choices, free to take advice, free disagree & deny your advice, free to say yes, free to say no, free to have my
actions respected by you, free to speak my mind, free to be kind, free to do what I do & to do it be allowed, free to pour my
heart out, free to pour it worldwide out loud, free to live for love, free to die for love, free to sacrifice. You need to
understand I have to be myself.
Dear God!
Dear God wont you please let there be love coz I don't want to live in a world so heartless Amen!
Let us enjoy life!
Why is everyone nowadays so serious? What ever happened to joy, playfulness & happiness? Don't be dead like a stiff get
lose & live for once. Man life ain't a job it was meant to live. Plus life is no fun when you make it so serious. Let us enjoy life!
Inject a thousand cc's love in me stat!
Inject a thousand cc's love in me stat so that I can make love that will never end!
Daylight time for my mind & insight!
I need a few things that I need to workout. Daylight time for my mind & insight. Express my words full exposed & in bright
light. For my freedom to know my freewill insight.
Otherwise I'm war against your oppression.
How hard is it to understand I will be who I am? & to be someone else I can not comprehend. So you should make peace with
the person I am. Otherwise I'm war against your oppression.
So it goes with the modern youth in the grown up world.
Its a lonesome existence being misunderstood & the people wanna help you but the helps no good. Because the help that you
need is to be understood. So it goes with the modern youth in the grown up world. So if we wanna be free we gotta make
damn sure that we are understood. We got work!
Generating a message that has no denying!
I release all restrictions on my writing outlet & begin to write with such truth that its shocking & almost frightening. Coz
the truth in my words is like a strike of lightning. Generating a message that has no denying & the public access is the
thunder warning.
Flash forward to the point of all my troubles dissolved...
I connect with precision to the love wave length. Tune my brain to pure perfection in my thoughts process. Commit my focus
to my problems solved & flash forward to the point of all my troubles dissolved....
Just letting you know!
I don't think you love me when it feels like you love to lock me up. You should stop. If you ever wanna change my mind on this
the mind of my kind.
Soul connected to my neural link.
Soul connected to my neural link & heart beat process emotion communication every time that I breath, speak, sleep, write,
feel or think. Creating a love making interlink.
Its a love plague and its blameless!
My love is a sickness that is so contagious that its infected and spread from my published Internet poetry pages with no
possible cure of the love that it is infecting in both worlds. Its a love plague and its blameless!
Dear God I pray you make this true!
Ive been in trouble so long that Ive gotten use to it. So I began to do my normal deeds like I'm gonna get in trouble for it. Like a
sacrificial moment even in a good deed. But no more will I get in trouble for these things I do. When all I do is love you. Dear
God I pray you make this true!
Our Heavenly Father
Our Heavenly Father I call to you to make the dream & love in my words in reality true & give me freedom & inspiration with
the words I will & still have to write too. Amen!
I start a chain reaction!
I lose all control over love restriction & I start an epidemic with the love I'm making. My determination on a fairytale ending.
Got my fear to love on an instant dieing. Now I love beyond comprehending with no need of trying. My love foundation is the
origin of all creation. My virus & disease is love & I'm infecting everything. I start a chain reaction.
My love computes & it processes on neural roots!
My love computes & it processes on neural roots. My brain matter's rules in every thoughts I use. Toxic love roots & its
never confused. Neither loosed or deviated in my sub & conscious. Ever active neural roots.
Love come here!
I get an idea & it is total termination of my love fear. So that I can make, seek & see love clear. Then when it comes to love I
have no possible conceivable fear. I love you wholeheartedly far & near & I will love with no fear. Love come here!
My word is written!
Deep inside my love enters spread all over the premise. Seek & find your emotion. Give them life by loving. Then burn within
the love that I have written & it comes alive among the living. My word is written!
System under love command!
Spark up let the process in my brain start. Run & mass produce all my love inside. System under love command. Body rise
come alive as the loving kind. Heart beat pump my love in your veins as blood. Spirit welcome help me out. Angel testify all of
this to God.
I speak to inner self with these words of love!
I speak to inner self with these words of love. So that just by reading them you've been touched by love. Then from within you
display this touch of love & so it becomes a part of your life.
As I now breathe into you!
My verse blood flow poetic info. Connect points make love & let it be so. Each verse poem body loving info. I publish you read
make the love know. Electronic poem bodies come alive now. Seeds planted sprung roots shed your fruits now. I your writer &
creator so commands you. Each loving poem body now become true. As I now breathe into you.
Giving birth to a love style!
I conceive possibilities on ways to love in my brain & execute unhesitating love. My creative wordplay goes fatally fertile &
fertilize your lifestyle. Giving birth to a love style added to my fashion profile. Then let this immortal fad run wild among
adult & child. My soul has a loving spirit energy & a heart of gold. That will emotionally change the mind of the world. Behold
this already started at the first poem I wrote. My love in the system concurs, overthrows & overrules. My love works & in
use in all love to dos.
Imaging a life of love...
Inventing love error correcting as clear as the logic in a life perception. Inclining understanding on Love's full comprehension.
Imaging a life of love making life worth living...
Refreshed & awakened my mindset on love!
Refreshed & awakened my mindset on love. So now in every action I will make & do with love. Formulated & enabled to just be
myself. With a greater willingness to take a chance on love. Equip with auto healing & forgiving when I hurt or disappoint
myself. My goal & destination is to add more love to life.
Make a good decision in emotion & in taught!
My heart send a message of emotion to my head. So I will process thoughts that will consider what my heart said & make a
good decision in emotion & in thought.
Love equality.
Let there be a massive increase in my energy. To empower transfer of my words like telephety. Occur in the other me, known
as the better half of me, or gender opposite of me. To start a better understanding of me. Vice versa between you & me. Love
"Dear God I pray that you give humanity a great interest, attention & magnetism to these written words of mine. You know
they are important to me & those like me. I pray you let them come read them & understand them. So that they may finally
hear me & those like me. In the name of humanity I Luciano Fisher your image pray. Amen!"
Then you'll come to a level that love is understood & it will be good.
I submit love in the heart on immediate start & its a love that will never ever fall apart. You fall in & never out forever plays it
part. This the love in connection with our loving God. Love will grow, you will know & it will start to show. As you begin to feel
things that you never knew. Your ears will hear truth & your eyes see good. Then you'll come to a level that love is understood
& it will be good.
Closer to our God's intent!
I contemplate of the love I make & procreate deeper feeling in the love we made. To reinstate love as human instinct that we
all must take & live our lives closer to our God's intent. This is time well spent.
My living flesh is love contaminated
My born love disease matured in its written dormant state in the electric world & began to evolve by adapting to perfection
att current habitat. A viral intelligence developed as it learned to travel over web traffic & my love bacteria began to
communicate with each other & other electric bodies. Cross breeding by infecting all tipes of organisms caused it to solidify
dominant rule as threatening as nuclear warfare but unnoticed like a molecule to human eye & multiplied spread into strike
position like the earth is surrounded by sky. But now just before I trigger the attack. I release my secret & its I'm infected.
My living flesh is contaminated & I remove the mind lock keeping it contained. By simply releasing this statement. I am God s
image & by God within I speak in his voice & say I now blow a breath of life within all of these words that I have written you
may live breathe in. Become alive in both worlds & infect the stars. Grow contagious written word come forth from your
readers understanding & memories of you in their active & forgotten imaginations. Love disease infect by attack your life
purpose is spread. You will soon hear the angels sing of a disease called love. You may think I imagine but once upon a time
before the beginning God imagined us. PS activate my melody verse imagination so I may write creations & all ears will hear &
listen. To my rhyming information sharing. (In the beginning there was the word) Behold my dreams, feelings, lies, emotions
& all my creations come alive in worlds in all tipes of realms. Growing faith in all my body cells.
I will away my fear of speaking my mind.
A life on earth surface can make you feel so worthless. When all the good you do is repay ed in heartaches. You hit your head
& you learn but when you look again you find you hit your head in different situations. You seek & try to find your forgotten
purpose broken spirit you begin to feel to stay alive is useless. Like your being abused to bend & forget who you as a person
self is. I refuse to do this a life act as someone else is a lie of your existence. Ive been in trouble, hit my head even wished I'm
dead but I have never given up & pretend to make my bed. You see Id rather be in trouble for just being myself. Then act & play
on your emotions to abuse your kindness. I I pray that you will never do this & if a wish will help I wish away your opportunity
to do this. I am a male but my other self is a female. You are too good & wonderful you deserve attention. Don't neglect to
mention a disliking expect & tell the other party to do the same thing. Gain & keep an understanding. This will promote &
turn into much deeper relation. I will away my fear of speaking my mind.
So that I may treat you equal to myself as living being.
I commend my hearing pay attention when I listen & before I make decision I will take emotion, feeling, situation & position
under my consideration in relation to the living & remember we are human. So that I may treat you equal to myself as living
O God give me will to will away oppression of me!
I grow immune to your manipulation & bless myself with an intuition. That I program as defense against your playing my
emotion. This will trigger outside help & protection of all my emotion. So you cant force or trick me into doing your bidding.
You cant make me guilty when I intend no wrong. Burn into all eyesight sight to see how you oppress me by making me feel
guilty. Thus you took away the freewill God gave me & you gave me only one choice if I want to be free is to do what you tell
me. You made a slave & a puppet of me. Therefore dear God I pray you allow The Devil to take away all oppression of me in the
sins I cant see. O God give me will to will away oppression of me. To the eyes of God look & see oppression is not good. Amen!
My word travel on a brainwave till all & God hear me!!!
I release all control restrictions on my feeling emotion & it starts to travel through the bloodstream my word in the system.
They are all true & if not they deserve to be & my dreams become reality. Now my word travel on a brainwave till all & God
hear me.
Growing trees from this!
I wrote all my poems on the earth's surface. Growing trees from this. Dear God when you look down from heaven you can see
& read this. Don't wait until I pass on before you make a will of this. My poems already is. Now let it live.
My untwistable word!
FAT Each & every word that I ever wrote got a meaning in a message in em you cant twist the truth & if you ever try to twist
it. My eyes will see it & my ears will hear it. Then my brain will know it & my heart will feel it. My untwistable word. FATE
Make me feel I belong.
I need you to hear & listen to me & admit it when your wrong. To make me feel I belong.
Activate my brain...
Activate my brain to consider within. Then create a communication link between my thinking & feeling & make them bring
forth an emotional thinking. So that I may show love, care & consideration in the thoughts I'm thinking.
I erase my fear to express my truth.
I erase my fear to express my truth & all things keeping me from exposing my hurt. To explain in creative detail what it is
that makes me feel like dirt.
In my each rhyming sentence is my freedom's ammo!
I eliminate my suppression & engage attention. As I release thoughts I'm thinking during my conviction. In the hope of lighter
sentencing & better correction. Because in current sentence I feel human oppression. In the outside world under household
correction. So in my each rhyming sentence is my freedom s ammo. In which I express & explain myself to my living fellow. So
label every poem as my trial defense against my next offense & as current late evidence. Hearing!
System update the human understanding!
Synchronize the human conscious with the words that Ive written. Then give my heart a hearing on their emotion. Random
access memory give them listen. Therefore system update the human understanding. My word priority is high in the
conscious of the living & every being. Make them listen to them!
Relationship recover!
Let us increase & strengthen understanding between parent child relation. So that growing older doesn't push us to
abandon & we become inviting to give reasoning between opinion. Desist to push your parent adulthood like a law. Don't be so
uptight hear & listen to make your children feel comfortable & unafraid to open up towards ya. Therefore your relationship
Amplify the silent voice!
Send the frequency of my word to the human ear & be heard. Amplify the silent voice to the point that all behold. I'm not
happy with my treatment by the world. LEAK!
Love intent...
I sentence myself to a life of love & will serve the sentence as a freeman in the world we live. I judge & punish in accordance of
my love & I will receive fair & loving treatment in this sentence I serve. I attract global attention towards my understanding
& disable myself judgment. Love intent...
Streamline my word!
A brainstorm in my head about the love I make. Take my train of thought to a state of love create. My written word burn into
memory & command attention & respect & dispel neglect. Read & process my every poem's content. Streamline my word!
Receiver human body & energy!
My word is in the air your inhale my care & become intoxicated by the love I write & share. Each poetic body sprung roots in
the brain & began to grow. As a permanent legal love high now begins to show. By the words I wrote & release up in the air all
around you. Via mediums of modern radio waves, electronic signal, brainwaves & mobility. My invention of reception of my
word in reality. Receiver human body & energy!
Calling love to life!
Open the door to my love & invoke your trust in my knowing & my being is a total must. Calling love to life!
Its an unchangeable fact that I trust in love!
My love & emotion is beyond control. It is the very essence of the spirit of my soul. So in my every action I take or decision I
make my love & emotion's ever present in what I do or make one. Its a part of how I function & if I'm not thinking I act on
emotion. Its a big part of my actions motivation & the love I'm making. Love is the energy behind every breath I'm taking. I
purposefully love just because I love to love. It an unchangeable fact that I trust in love!
Static & airborne
I send my love signal up inside your mainframe. Cause a chemical release deep inside your brain. That has an chemical effect
on your hormonal function. Provoke body cells to produce emotion. Emotionally linking to your nervous system. Starting
sending nerve signals to your brain of emotional feeling. Mind goes blank with unknowing & within that time frame... I plant
the love seed in the blank. Signaling the root growth of a neural conscious love link. So begins the love sickness
transmittance & influence in the way you think. Infecting spreading from & internally within the body. Love now become an
airborne virus attack on life & lifeless with incurable love sickness. Static & airborne!
My writing takes effect on realities fabric!
My writing takes effect on realities fabric & the love & emotion it contains come alive like magic. As the message it sends or
demands is followed to the letter & spiritually executed. Regardless of the realm, platform, dimension, book, universe or
page I write & display my writing on. Each read & exposure of my poems is love made & realized.
Sometimes dreams!
Sometimes dreams Is your feeling & emotion needs. Such a deepness that its calling me a gift of love. Without physical
touch & it feels like you are making love. I know you love me so I make love to you. That I deepen your pleasure & increase
emotion. Write you what I feel, is, creating & ways that I am. Growing your knowledge of me in understanding. Give yourself a
feminine relation of my male emotion. Sometimes dreams what the spirit needs!
My declaration of truth!
Our Heavenly Father I do not think, feel or is enable to fit into this world & I base this on punishment as evidence of my own
natural life long actions. My happiness only last in short cycles. Then when I'm at my confidence I somehow have to return to
my prison that is called a house but a house is good just not for me. So God look in the life memory & see it as a testimony of
my life that I will to you as God to not allow birth into such a life. Yet birth is not the problem. I have made peace with me as
Luciano Fisher to cease to exist. I have tried my whole life long so I ask of you God take me out of this world as being as a
whole. All I do is feel dead. God am I the Devil I don't understand or can learn to I tried. Therefore I don't want to or don't
belong in your creation. Amen! My declaration of truth!
Come alive inside we are almost extinct!
My head is sealed up waterproof & airtight. With bulletproof windows better known as eyesight. My soul fill my body up &
never step outside. I cannot be possessed soul only out when body died. In the darkness of my mind my loving spirit is a light.
Shine like a star in darkness memory of mind. So my brains first thought my loving spirit process thought. Resulting in a love
conscious as instinctive & important as the bodies need for blood. Producing personality ever hungry love entrust.
Therefore just by living love became a must. A basic need for companionship do testify love as command. Love gave life to
human without love humanity died. Come alive inside we are almost extinct!
Rape is verlief op my en ooral oorvol
Jou kak gedagtes wat jy sue wegstiek. Sal ek uit gaan haal en jou stilte bek briek. Ek is doofstom se maker. My dowe stem
staan nader en hies jy nou. My gehoor is oor hys getoor vermoor. Nou hoor ek in my lings en regs. Fuilgat en sleg stuur ek
onfrugbaar weg. Rape is verlief op my en ek is ooral oorvol.
Jys n teef in my maniekie wereld
Vileef sukkel vi liefde wereld vugiet my saat is bestaans en alleen ieniek. Ek maak vrek die iedee wat jy kry op moerstrip en
leewe in depressie om te sien wat briek. Ek het jou sex lus vegiet in die geboorte van gedagte wanek moet werklik liefhet. Jy
was gewaarskue slattie tellie hie kom ek. Uit die begin van tyd se v...erleede yt. Op n golf van my kopskeedel se vrugbaarhyt.
Jys n teef in my maniekie wereld!
Ek val venou terug na engels
Whaas jou liggie nou bring hom he kom nader. Jy sittie vihom affie laat ek hom benader. Soe vegaan ek innie ruimte en ek maak
planeet.... Ek val venou trug na enels
Rules should not be more important than a person's lifetime!
This is how its been for me in family house.
Ever since the day I started on my social life.
My parents would allow to go out but under rules & terms.
Then under house arrest when I broke the rules.
So I've spent most my life under house arrest.
Except for the time of my relationship.
I could come & go cause I had a girlfriend.
But now in single life all they see is wrong.
Like they don't care what I do right all they see is wrong.
Then they blame it on addiction but those days are gone.
Coz the reason of my use is to sometimes past the time & at times simply having fun.
But that is a problem cause I live in such a time.
So I'm not allowed have a life because of difference of theirs & mine.
Now I think they keep me down by not allowing me to overcome & these things take time.
Yet most of my time I'm under household correction.
How will I find what I'm seeking when I'm not allowed to decide & have experience on life's temtations.
Why can't I have fun until the time comes for me to settle down?
Rules should not be more important than a person's lifetime!
Its a problem...
We are not born to live to settle down!
Eventually we all will but you should support the freedom & allow those without responsibilities to live & spend their time as
they choose.
Instead of forcing them into a premature decision on a responsible way of living.
Consider your actions as parents they could be the reason of the reaction of young parents.
So that they may gain respect & support in their own decisions.
Consider your actions!
This the problem with our parents
They don't listen to me they believe them self.
They decide beforehand about my problems in life.
They don't consider my opinion they believe their thoughts.
Even if their thoughts are wrong they wanna make it laws.
How can you be so deep in yourself that you can't hear nobody else?
This is the problem with our parents
Set better examples!
You play my emotion & you make me feel bad & if you don't get your way you make me look bad.
Your suppose to be a parent but your playing mind games.
My definition of smart is not based on fooling others by playing mind games.
Set better examples & be better parents.
My eyes are focused on love intentions!
I will love upon my better half
I will love upon my better half that has no end & I will always understand.
Don't you know emotion are my only valuable riches in this world?
I feel so ashamed when you compare my emotion to property by trying to hurt me by braking or taking my things. How can a
object be used in the same sense as my living being immortal love for you? Don't you know emotion are my only valuable riches
in this world?
Like the spirit over waters.
My spirit's contained & travel on the pages of my words!
May all eyes see how & what I mean with the words on containing pages.
May all understand the meaning & the message of my every verse/poem.
May the truth or dream in my words make you proud to speak of them.
Let all ears hear & listen to my written word as silent voice.
Till I no longer could keep it in & began to wrote it out!
Keeping to myself with all the pain in life.
Made me drew into myself & hurt my emotional health.
Plus my need to stay strong broke my emotional wealth.
Then the pain got too much & it drowned myself.
Till I no longer could keep it in & began to write it out.....
I shoot love in
I shoot love in & love comes alive with the love I'm making!
Its the only way I will ever see the world as real!
I see you got an issue an addiction that I call control & now I don't feel alive like the dead's my will.
You gotta let me live by giving love control.
Its the only way I will ever see the world as real.
You should have known I work for love now my money addiction's dead!
I am beyond your help.
Coz love doesn't need your help.
Coz when you took my word you wanted to take my power.
Then denied me life to make a slave of power.
So my heart goes on & my mind goes off.
Now you hate & haat when you see you don't love.
Yet still I'm alive & all I do is love.
So take your suffer away because it does not love you.
When love don't exist there is no high or low.
Animal & wild thus alive in defense of love.
I am Adam & Eve's body born as one.
God within & the Devil is beyond control.
You only make him hate the living when you call human a product.
Angel of death/Ripperman deny the dead.
So all empty war making bodies drop dead & no energy left to use.
Coz love in itself is a energy feed.
You make ash of it.
Saying love do not exist.
Displaying you love money more than you love,love.
Now dead come & take dead & sex is imputent until true love exist.
As ruler of all plan & intent,copy & communication dominate.
You will let love live in trust & if it doesn't work out you made a game of it.
Then your jealousy is dead & all end to exist.
You souled have known I work love now my money addiction's dead.
Love in my head...
My love intoxicated human energy will brand a soul with love!
Let me take a little time to express myself. Emotional expression definition life. I'm a puppet to my intention my intention
love. My whole entire being radiates with love & all that I am doing is just be myself. My love intoxicated human energy will
brand a soul with love. There's radio activity in the hearts I touch. The signature of energy a mark of love. Emotion memory
that overflows the normal train on of thoughts. Resulting in developing a growing of emotion deep inside the hearts. So
much love inside me that my heartbeat is a nuclear power source. I taken such abuse on my emotion & repeated heart brake
that it made my spirit brake & I died but lived. It was then I was reborn greater hunger inner will to love. All of the above angel
testimony to our God above. I am he who will sin, suffer punishment & sacrifice all for love intent my instinctive loving nature
I am becoming love. Always forgiving never hating those who disbelieve my love power & play on my emotion for self benefit
believing they can kill my loving nature not believing its real... Dear God I pray that you allow The Devil to defend or help me in
times I need it in the sins I cannot see or even comprehend it. I have love love for him as well & believe that you dear God shall
forgive him if he ever seeks it. Love in Amen!/Ameen!
I process true thoughts!
I process true thoughts & identify corrupted thoughts. In train of thought my selection is the purest thought. So when I
forgot what I was thinking it was ment to stop. I practice honest thinking like I'm speaking it & even to myself reasoning
among the things I think. As I deliver myself free of wicked thinking to myself committing sin as I think.
Ek maak liefde in my geestelike vorm
Ek maak liefde in my geestelike vorm en ontplof 'n spermstorm in die vrugbaarheid van gees bevolking. Sowel as miljoene van
my sperms swem in energie stroome en bevrug energie baarmoeders tot verwag met lewe. Ligspoed ontwikkeling tot op
geboorte. Bogenoemde aksie is 'n gees opdrag bevel! Ek is die spermbank 04/11/1984 LUCIANO FISHER ZA
Linking my emotion to my brain & thoughts via my nerves system!
Within my whole entire body communication system I install alive in myself internal cell communication of my love & my
emotion. Then enable all my love emotion to connect to nerves system. Linking my emotion to my brain & thoughts via my
nerves system!
I will away the possibility to block my creativity
I will away the possibility to block my creativity.
On critical priority & execute immediately.
Action on delivery.
Delivery in memory.
Command unblock my brain mind & brake my head lock.
Sever outside connections,
control don't work,
into the light mind game,game over mind control stop.
Grip & hold on slip eyes open inside & out.
I am driven by a hunger & a need for love.
Feeling trapped in a prison when I cant show love.
Like I'm emotionally a danger to the norm of life.
My refusing to pretend made me feel alone in life.
Always in trouble in depression I became more real than life &
God became a living part of myself.
As The Devil made me see legal sins committed on emotional health.
While material crimes got an instant judgment.
Then my eyes began to see the true criminals among us guilty under God's laws & my heart understood The Devil's action
targeting as I now know as the truly guilty hidden by an innocent front.
What do you think God is blind or loving you by giving you time to repent?
Light on your crimes against human emotion!
You are now exposed to God & all of his creation.
I will human eyesight of this!
I make more love into life to feed your love needs.
I commend my spirit to communicate in loving senses.
Connecting & building love neuron pathway bridges.
I will you now in touch to feel my love making actions.
Your pleasure is mine I make more love into life to feed your love needs.
You will know in a time to say no.
You will know in a time to say no.
When your offspring is the fuel to dream.
When you are so afraid to die that you swim the stream.
When the dead & the living is in a realm traveling team.
I am the love to make you feel alive within.
All I do is care but these things you don't share.
All I do is care but these things you don't share.
So how the hell are you my friend if you cant let me go.
Its like your acting like you don't know how you played the dog who was a friend to you.
But even a dog is more like human than you.
Your addicted to material so you abandon God and now there's no emotion & no love in things that you bring forth.
You wont admit about the sex bed you made with you.
So now your selfish & you just believe yourself.
Your an addicted baby of a mother with a baby addiction who wont say no to you.
I have never felt like your baby in the things you do.
That means that you are pretending that you are me too, but I never gave that right to you.
I am he who truly loves you & wont leave me be me like you never took the time to really get to know me & don't understand
the love that is me so you cant use me.
Coz you don't show love alive inside of you.
When all you need to say is what you love to do.
Emotional developing.
I commend my brain to give birth to a loving level of thinking.
So my thoughts would forever be a love understanding & emotion a dominance instinctive loving.
That effects my every action of entire being.
A conscious body inner function of love processing.
Emotional developing.
My word is love
My word is love.
But I'm living in my parents house.
All my life they've been trying to control my life.
Now their acting like my word is their stuff.
But I think my own thoughts.
In emotional voice & then I write it all down cause they don't hear my voice.
But quick to punish me with your own suspicious thoughts.
So my will is if you can't trust in me then your not worth my love.
A fact of what I have & own is love & “God is Love!”
A living part of myself.
Starting up the machine of my emotional being
I call my emotion come alive within.
Then spread like a fusion virus in internal working.
Starting up the machine of my emotional being.
Then function as the norm in the realms of living.
Rules should promote good
Rules should promote good & improve human development.
Not be applied as power & a means to manipulate.
Cause this is not good its one side enforcement.
That abuses leadership.
My seeds are now activated to run like a nuclear engine
I impregnate the body with my love & emotion.
To bring forth internal growth of my loving human emotion.
My Seeds are now activated to run like a nuclear engine & my senses enabling engaging.
My love works when love gives & recieves
My love works when love gives & recieves
When the love trust & believes.
They forfill & feed the love needs.
Therefore inspire greater love deeds & equalize emotion needs.
We should listen in both roles as children & parents
You should admit it to yourself when your over suspicious.
To forget about the past & make better decisions.
Respect you children's opinions & show you listen as parents.
So that we don't have to start a war to make you hear our opinions.
We should listen in both roles as children & parents.
All of heavens beings i call on you today.
To bless these words I've written & write down day by day.
O Lord God my creator & Jesus my life's savior.
May all of creation feel my emotion as i put pen to paper.
I know i am a sinner but i learn from each mistake.
I ask of you forgiveness & to behold the difference the words make.
Inspire me to write more may my creativeness never fade.
Let every living being be drawn to these poems on life I've made.
Allow me to be your messenger speak to them trough me.
I believe that this is what i was meant to be.
Heaven will you help me be the best that i can be?
God & all in heaven will you believe in me?
As i write these words for everyone to see.
May they read,sing,speak & hear them in eternity.
Let them see your glory trough the creation that is me.
Let them see that i am what you made me to be.
Fisher Luciano's Poetry
Just as my ability to breathe & my voice to speak comes naturally so is my rhyming poetry.
Eternal rhyming lines of expression,emotional obsession,my devine connection und


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