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You May Know Me As "The Dream-Writer". I Am Alex Sharpe, I am 21 years old. I am a writer, poet, author, lyricist, and creator. I have a-some 35 planned novels and works I am working on. My most famous creations are "The Day Before." "Waking Days" "The Dead (Series)" "Deverence" "EnRaged: The Story of the Rage Virus - The Journals" and "Dream Forever".

This is my second, less-used writing website. I primarily use Wattpad ( to write, that is where all of my most updated and newest writings are. I find this site to not be as easy to write on. I do update and add to my material on this site still, just not as often as Wattpad. Especially since Wattpad has a mobile app. I am rarely active on this site, sorry.

I am a writer, simply. I love writing, and I am willing to devote my entire life towards writing. I do not care about money or fame, as long as I am writing, I am happy. But I don't just write to make me happy, I write to make other's happy. I write what I feel like other people want to read. I plan to write things that help people with their lives. Even if my writings are never cared for - I will keep on writing - because I love writing, simply.

(In some of my works, I used words that I myself have actually created. I love creating my own words, an example of words I have created can be seen in Titles of my writings, Chapters, or just in context. Here's a short list of some of my own words that I love, and I hope everyone else will love too. Be aware, some are Copyright:

-Deverence (Dev-ur-ence) (Adjective; Sincere, Dark, Sinister, Sad)
-Peleodiem (Puh-lee-dee-um) (Noun; Deluxe, Grand, Pristine. Glorious); Peleodescent (Adjective; Deluxe, Grand, Pristine, Glorious)
-Quoloop (Kwoo-loop) [No Definition]
-Denedrem [No Definition]
-Ovalope [No Definition]
-Trisliquiem (Triss-lick-wee-um) [No Definition]
-Selequeim (Suh-lee-qwee-um) [No Definition]
-Paramoia [No Definition]
-Exaztron (Eck-zah-tron) [No Definition]
-Dovoiscos (Doh-viss-kiss) [No Definition]
-Desinitiy [No Definition]
-Traqulite (Track-leet) [No Definition]
-Tsarm (Tiss-ar-um) [No Definition]

NOTICE: All of the photos and pictures I use in the majority of my projects I do not own, they are temporary cover photos.


MY CREATIONS - A List of My Novels, Music Lyrics and Other (Not Complete and/or Accurate)

-The Day Before. (Still Making Minor Additions and Adjustments)

-Andrew Hart
-Dream Forever
-EnRaged: The Story of the Rage Virus - The Journals - Book One
-Grandma's Classic Scary Stories Collection
-The Dead (Series) - Book One - "Dead-Hope/Dead-Lands"
-Waking Days
-Your Worst Nightmares: (Can You Survive?) - (Book 1 of 5)

-Andy Chance
-Coping With Life: Dealing With Stress, OCD, Fears and Anxiety (The Guide to Just Being yourself)
-Dead Bang! - (A Zombie Novel)
-Dead Shot - (A Zombie Novel)
-Dead-View - (A Zombie Novel)
-Defective Effect (Series) - Book One - "The Journey"
-Defective Effect (Series) - Book Two - "Dead Adrift"
-Defective Effect (Series) - Book Three - "Defected Effects"
-DreamScape (Series) - Book One
-Horizon (Series) - Book One - "Event Horizon"
-Horizon (Series) - Book Two - "Shattered Horizon"
-Horizon (Series) - Book Three - "Dead Horizon"
-Ovalope: "Un-Deadly"
-Pandemia - (A Zombie Novel)
-Ragerate! - (A Zombie Novel)
-Road-Raged - "The Speed of Death" - (A Zombie/Disease Novel")
-Serum-X - (A Zombie Novel)
-Shadows of the Dead - (A Zombie Novel)
-Steam - Part One
-Steam - Part Two
-Steam - Part Three
-Steam - Part Four
-The Awaiting Darkness (Hyakouru)
-The Dead (Series) - Book Two - "Dead-Skies"
-The Dead (Series) - Book Three - "Dead Seas"
-The Dream-Writer" - A Biography of Alex Sharpe
-The Green Zone - (An Infection Novel)
-The Projekt" - (An Experimental Novella)
-What's Going On in Aberdale?
-Your Worst Nightmares: (Can You Survive?) - Book Two
-Your Worst Nightmares: (Can You Survive?) - Book Three
-Your Worst Nightmares: (Can You Survive?) - Book Four
-Your Worst Nightmares: (Can You Survive?) - Book Five
-Your Worst Nightmares - (Shorts)
-Zombie Days

(My Artist Name: Everlade)

Hurricane © 2007 (Soft-Rock/Rock Album)
1. Morning Dew
2. Take Me Away
3. All I Know
4. Need You Now
5. Hurricane
6. Currents
7. Against the Wind
8. Ones & Dragons
9. Shine Through You
10. The One No one
11. The Old Man In Blue
(Extra) Fiery Aola (Piano)

Nothing But a Thank You © 2009 (Soft-Rock Album)
1. Gulf War
2. Show Me
3. Nights In Phoenix
4. Morning Mourning
5. Above the Beyond
6. Feet Away
7. Mr. Harmful
8. Fearful Gal
9. Hurting Her
10. Falling Under
11. Forgetful
12. Shameful Bounds
13. Push Me Under
14. Near Reality
15. Rest Easy
16. Letters From Nowhere
17. How We Have Changed
18. The Way the Wind Blows
19. The Old Man In Blue -- Part Two
(Extra) Become My Own Person
(Extra) Shut Off the Lights

Treaty of the End © 2011 (Hard-Rock/Metal Album)
Part I: Unwanted Paranoia
1. Because of You
2. Purple Blood
3. Containment Protocol
4. Treaty of the End
5. Massacre of the Ages
6. Trauma
7. Unwanted Paranoia
8. Flesh-Eating Parasites
9. Cotton-Mouth
10. Delirious
11. Suicidal Tendencies
12. Pain-Train
13. Divided Discovance
14.Nightmare Caster
15. Fall of Eden
16. Code Red
Part II: Critical Operation
1. Overthrown (Misgiven)
2. Critical Operation
3. Violation
4. Lock-Down: Code Alpha
5. SomeFuckedUpCreation
6. Blood-Sucking Leeches
7. Ungoverned Planet
8. Unpaid Gain
9. Mass Destruction
10. Pandemia
11. Disease Ridden Bodies
12. To Go Nowhere
13. Chemical Warfare
14. Hazardous
15. Infested Corpses
16. End Game
(Extra) Pass On
(Extra) Angry Seizures
(Extra) Seleven Psychosis
(Extra) Dropital Discharge
(Extra) Interstellar Bodies
(Extra) Drawn Out to Drown
(Extra) Prometheus Dawn

Omniscient Hearts © 2012 (Fan Made Green Day Album) (Rock)
1. Remembrance
2. Let Her Go
3. City I Dream
      i- "The City I Dream"
      ii- "Find A Way"
      iii- "Left In the Dark (Fall Apart)
      iv- "Powerless Fools"
      v- "Blue Dreaming"
4. Omniscient Hearts
5. Rain Dancer
6. Party Cruiser
7. Maria & Jimmy
8. My Panic
9. Dizzy In Distress
10. Shadow Caster
11. Time Ends (When)
      i- "I Found My Way"
      ii- "Cold World"
      iii- "Battle of the Ages"
      iv- "Waste of Space"
      v- "Time Ends"
      vi- "Unbelievable"
      vii- "Storm is Coming"
12. D-Bomb (Dookie Bomb)
13. Bye Love

Black Hearts © 2013 (Fan Made Green Day Album) (Rock)
1. Black Hearts
2. Murders and Martyrs
3. Century Girl
4. A New Age
5. Hero's Blood
6. Tunes of the Damned
7. Blood Loss & Regeneration
8. Cassy's Home
9. Bleeding Down
10. Line of Fire
11. Rest In Pieces
12. Resistance
13. 21st Damned Street
14. Tyranny On the Leader
15. What the Fuck?
16. Bleed-Out
17. Plastic Heart
18. Orgasmic Century
19. There Is No End
20. On the Pedestal
21. Broadcast
22. Liberation
23. Goodbye

Idiocy © 2014  (Fan Made Green Day Album) (Punk-Rock/Rock)
1. Fever Blister
2. Quarantine
3. One for the Falls
4. Marshall, I Hate Your Name (You Remind Me of Myself)
5. Birth of the Reborn
6. Spark My Revolution
7. Nightmares in My Sweet Dreams
8. Panic On the Planet
9. Global Rebellion
10. Fuck Yourself
11. Hey You're Mine NOw
12. Dodge My Bullet
13. I Hate You
14. Forever Yours
15. Tell You I Love You
16. In Your Name
17. Gone
18. I Killed Jeffrey
19. Goodbye Valentine
20. My Sweet Love
21. Fun and Inmates

Wired-Love © 2015 (Hip-Hop/Rap Album)
1. Aurora
2. We're In This On Our Own
3. The Drug Song
4. There They Go
5. Sex-Exchange
6. Wired-Love
7. Orbital Phoenix
8. My Sons On Drugs
9. Unleashed (feat. Eminem, Drake, J. Cole & Skylar Grey)
10. Fly (feat. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)
11. Real Talk (feat. Lil Wayne, Slaughterhouse & Tech N9ne)
12. (?Unknown?)
13. (?Unknown?)
14. (?Unknown?)
15. (?Unknown?)
16. (?Unknown?)
17. (?Unknown?)
(Extra) Love the Way You Lie - Part III (feat. Eminem & Rihanna) (Fan-Made)

Pirate © 2016 (Electronic/Dubstep Album)
1. Ampleherd
2. Addiapplis
3. Hebucard
4. Flux
5. So Along Guillotine
6. The Proof
7. Reflex
8. Sizzlex
9. Blacksmith
10. Chances
11. Pluemaxes
12. Songbird
13. Treasures
14. Glowfield
15. Collidaphox
16. Catacombs
17. Sally D.
18. Spiders

The Balance of Nature © 2017 (Electronic/Chillstep Album)
1. Force of Life
2. Sun Air
3. Mountains
4. Sandcastles
5. Breeze Day
6. Glass House
7. Paper Bags
8. Noctilucent Dreaming
9. Clouds
10. Sunset Drips
11. Ocean Oasis
12. (?Unknown?)

Fight the Fury © 2018 (Rock/Hard-Rock Album)
1. Days of Disgrace
2. Fight the Fury
3. Breaking the Dawn
4. Fightless Genocide
5. Tantrums and Donations
6. Search the Truth
7. (?Unknown?)
8. (?Unknown?)
9. (?Unknown?)
10. (?Unknown?)
11. (?Unknown?)
12. (?Unknown?)


© 2017 Alex Sharpe



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