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Boosted - Premium Member Boost

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Farrah and Rick engage in the best sort of foreplay... Read More

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Winner-Sex in the Shower Story Contest
The magic of healing Read More

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Winner-Sex on the Beach Story Contest
Contest Entry (Beach Sex) When your past comes back to haunt you... Read More

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Runner-up-Sex on the Beach Story Contest
Sasha is eager for a holiday and has decided to take a vacation without her boyfriend when she meets a friend of her family to spice up her beach experience. Read More

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Runner-up-Sex on the Beach Story Contest

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Just a little something to get us interacting more as writers and readers. Read More

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Erotica in less than 500 words. Short and sweet. Have a go yourself and add to my ROOM 501 HOUSE Mwah - Nina X Read More
A storyline contest based on your favorite songs! Read More

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Another word prompt exercise- less than 500 words prompted by the word CONFIDENCE Read More

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Less than 500 words prompted by SEED. Join in? X Read More

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Michael was an arrogant slothful employee with a disrespectful attitude and a big mouth but that was all about to change due to his boss and the board of ethics. Read More
Choose your favorite angel/demon/succubus/incubus picture and leave a comment with the picture # and the category, either BOYS or GIRLS, and the top 2 most favorites will be used in a story. Read More