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Guinevere, the queen and wife to King Arthur, betrays her husband and the kingdom of Camelot by having an affair with his most gallant knight, Lancelot. Now, Merlin, Arthur's personal confidant, advisor, and wizard, has cast a demonic spell of punishment. Read More

Featured Review by Trixie

"I don't know if I should feel excited for her or jealous, her punishment kills her and revives her and there is all that in between. Great post,..." Read More

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Just a little something to get us interacting more as writers and readers. Read More

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Erotica in less than 500 words. Short and sweet. Have a go yourself and add to my ROOM 501 HOUSE Mwah - Nina X Read More
A storyline contest based on your favorite songs! Read More

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Another word prompt exercise- less than 500 words prompted by the word CONFIDENCE Read More

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Less than 500 words prompted by SEED. Join in? X Read More

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Michael was an arrogant slothful employee with a disrespectful attitude and a big mouth but that was all about to change due to his boss and the board of ethics. Read More
Choose your favorite angel/demon/succubus/incubus picture and leave a comment with the picture # and the category, either BOYS or GIRLS, and the top 2 most favorites will be used in a story. Read More