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After a car accident lands Lily in the hospital she is greeted by a handsome doctor that we all dream of having. His older and knows what he wants and his eyes are focused on wanting Lily. Will a no strings attached relationship blossom into something more when she's forced… Read More

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More Mae, more meat, more flesh! Read More
Jenny;s latest report concerns her visit to the beach, expanding her physical endurance, and future plans Read More

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A continuation of The Interrogation. What does Jennaseea do now that Rockashen has fled. Read More

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The woman’s face and body were full of blush as if she’d just enjoyed a strenuous bout of rampant sex. Read More

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"Whatever is Michelle going to do about Callus? He has seen everything. And why did she kill her husband? What is this orb floating over the t..." Read More

Still naked following his recent spanking in front of his sister and her friends for the bogus charge of flipping up Laura's skirt, David along with his closest friends come up with a way to turn the tables on Samantha and soon she will experience the same humiliation and David… Read More
Jenny's latest report is quite positive, however she still is not putting enough dedication into her training. Her discomfort increases. Read More

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From a second story apartment... Read More

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Bianca is making pancakes in the kitchen to give me breakfast in bed. Problem is; she is wearing very little. Maple syrup, cream, knickers and her sexy body: an awesome combination. Read More

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Audio of my wife and I having a little quickie in her classroom. Read More

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Diane awaits Dave in their bedroom. Read More

Short Story / Humor

July 23, 2021

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Lose your dignity or your clothes Read More

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A very short story with a happy ending Read More

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Another adventure for Solange, the Jean-Claudes and the girls. Read More
Poor jenny suffers even more at the hands of her legal guardian. He points out her reluctance to participate in his "education process," and considers her punishment. Read More

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Bianca is too stunning in her red lingerie to escape the bathroom without some internal male moisture being added to her pretty exterior bodily lotion Read More

Short Story / Humor

July 21, 2021

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Who dares wins Read More

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Jennaseea, a Viking princess, is working her way across the land when she captures a man her polar opposite. Drawn to him by his differences, he may save his own life, depending on how well he pleases her. Read More

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Twenty-five year old David Chambers's older sister gets him into trouble earning him a humiliating spanking in front of his sister and her friends Read More
Young jenny, schooled all her life by nuns, finds herself under the control of a perverted lawyer and his friends. She must follow their sick, perverted rules in order to gain her inheritance. Read More

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He lowered her body, her slumped meat, dead-weight into this hell-hole. Captivity - here it performed live by Linnea Sage only at: Read More

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"Oh fuck, I'm never going to get to sleep after reading that! Even if I stick a can of bug spray under my pillow and take a Benadryl for the itc..." Read More

Short Story / Other

July 17, 2021

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Due to Popular Demand: Jane Bond, oh, oh, oh in Swallowtail Read More

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" have me really freaked out, hj... Epitaph...that's supposed to be epilogue. I'm not sure I can forgive you for your last pm..." Read More

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She's Back! Jane Bond, oh, oh, oh! Read More

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"Love your writing. It's beautiful. " Read More

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