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This room has seen us to the last. The years have cast our meetings here as images on frosted glass with raindrop spray. Our secret past is sealed away inside a dream.... (The Room - A Poem by Dampkitten) Read More

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A man gets arrested by a female deputy sheriff while sunning himself nude. Read More

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We all reach a breaking point. It's just a matter of time before we snap, but results aren't always catastrophic. Read More
Robert Poupelard, le père de Francis, s'est appauvri. Sans moyens, il est expulsé de son appartement à Liège. Son fils a pitié de lui et aimerait que son père vienne vivre avec lui et sa femme Annique. Celle-ci n'est pas vraiment enthousiaste, mais la situation change... Read More

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Poor Cari faces the worst humiliation thus far, in her attempt to prove she loves her sadistic boyfriend. Read More

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something stirs in seedy bangkok Read More

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Johans vader Pierre is op zakelijk gebied in moeilijkheden geraakt. Zijn bedrijf is failliet gegaan en nu wordt hij ook uit zijn appartement gezet. Johan wil hem een voorlopig onderkomen bieden, en daar heeft zijn vrouw Clara niets op tegen... Read More

Short Story / Other

September 30, 2022

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Featured Review by Amy F. Turner

"Quite the winding weave of events, but I cannot say I feel sorry for Claude. Seems by the telling he had it coming. This is not to say that th..." Read More

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Jake finishes his sex session with our innocent hero, but the humiliation is only just starting. Read More

Short Story / Adult Romance

September 29, 2022

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Wrong is the new right [ no spoiler] Read More

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Andrew's dream comes true: at eighteen, he can buy a motorcycle. But it seems he made the wrong choice: he doesn't really master the motorbike he bought because of a lack of experience. The consequences are evident: he has an accident, and he needs medical and physio care... Read More

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Featured Review by Amy F. Turner

"Dream a little dream. Sometimes it just that little glimpse of that alternate universe that keeps us going or wanting us to rush back off to la..." Read More

Short Story / Adult Romance

September 25, 2022

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2009-04-15 Read More

Short Story / General Erotica

September 25, 2022

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A MILF’s stunning first encounter with her daughter’s new boyfriend Read More

Short Story / Other

September 24, 2022

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The football team captain gets an interesting new experience Read More

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Frank Poireau is invited by his boss, Thérèse de Clippeleire, to meet a German friend of hers, Hildegard von Tettekörff. They meet at a rendez-vous hotel in a Brussels suburb. The meeting doesn't turn out as expected for Frank... Read More

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The bully Jake finally gets intimate with poor Matthew, and only one of them enjoys the session. Read More
Frank Vanduren krijgt van zijn chef Thérèse Anquelard het aanbod om een van hun klanten, Irmgard Körber, beter te leren kennen. Frank heeft daar niet op tegen. Hij en Irmgard ontmoeten elkaar in een Brussels rendez-vous hotel. Hun afspraakje verloopt wel niet helemaal zoals Frank Vanduren zich dat had voorgesteld... Read More
Richy was married with children. Richy was also addicted to porn Read More

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A slight ajar bathroom door, a mirror, a hard-on, huge boobs, a stunning booty and delicate girly lower lips and the forbidden invitation into the bathroom Read More

Featured Review by sweet lemon

"What the boy was out after the girl was out after too. You " stepped it out" in a nicely erotic way." Read More

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Cassie had always wanted to be a " working girl".She loved thinking about sex with strangers.She often felt ashamed. Cassie did NOT want any " strings attached" Cassie got into her Jeep car and just drove around looking for some "likely" lads and lassie's. Read More

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Danny takes Cari on a little trip into the city to prove her love. It involves a humiliating experience with a street thug drug dealer. Cari's devotion if further tested. Read More
Anita wordt door een firma uitgekozen om hun nieuwe draadloze vibrator "Magic Wand III" uit te testen. Ze mag die dan houden, zonder iets te moeten betalen. In ruil daarvoor moet ze wel een omstandig testverslag opmaken dat het dildobedrijf achteraf in zijn publiciteit kan gebruiken... Read More

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Public sex following a dance floor hook-up in the men’s loo. Cathy’s loud sexual enthusiasm gets a crowd of club guys cheering her on in the toilets. Read More

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Andrew has found a new girlfriend at the Saint-Troyan fair. He goes to see and fuck her in her studio but he doesn't succeed in making her cum. One day, after he has fucked her, she helps herself. When she comes, Andrew gets the fright of his life... Read More

Short Story / Other

September 12, 2022

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Featured Review by Nite-Owl

"Jeez poor Stephanie. She'd do anything for anyone except for Bunny and Madge i reckon. I have a feeling they run her down. Well at least her mot..." Read More

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As Matthew's deflowering approaches, he has a horrible day at the hands of his bullies. Read More

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James has always been curious about the prostate massage Read More

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After a fraternity places cameras in a sorority's shower, the sorority gets even by duping the members of the fraternity to apply to donate to a sperm bank where they are photographed naked and masturbating. Read More

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We lead ourselves to believe, for one reason or another, that a person we like/lust after/love is out of our league. So we do the second best thing - watch and yearn for them, creating scenarios in our minds. And fantasy can often be more exciting than reality, no? Read More

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Never underestimate a maid. They DO see and hear it all. Especially if they've been around long enough. Read More

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A light story of Frat pledging humiliation. Read More

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A mother watches her inexperienced son and his girlfriend petting heavily on the couch from the stairs late at night. She starts masturbating and then joins in tutoring them in sex. Read More

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On a cruise, I had the opportunity to take advantage of my old flames’ daughter. Reprehensible, yes, but the past was so damn good I wanted to re-experience it; however, I could and whatever the consequences. Read More

Featured Review by Amy F. Turner

"Wow, that was hotter than hottest hot, J. Very lusty tale here, my friend. So well told, had me smiling throughout and the repeated refrain pe..." Read More

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A man goes to a first aid station because when he sat down something stabbed him in the groin. Read More