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A photographer turned necromancer starts a model agency using undead people. Yes its a model agency using dead people. Read More

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"Accolades for pulling off the difficult combination of revulsion and lust. The fine line between pleasure and disgust. A terrific, engaging open..." Read More

The undead begin their unholy assault upon the living. Read More

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What happens when a world, so over exposed to the idea of zombies through countless books, games and films, finds itself in the mist of an undead rising which science can't explain? Follow Max Barker and his new and unusual friend as he escapes the horrors of Moss Hill Secondary… Read More
A gorgeous young goth vampire uses her beauty and sexual allure to entice victims while using her power to dominate her older partner in a battle of wills... Read More
"And so the world dropped like a ball on the pavement. Only there's no ground to hit. Only a hole that has no wall or no ground. What shall we call this place or will we be dead before we can name it." Read More
What happens when you die? Do we all go straight to heaven or hell or whatever you believe in? What about ghosts? Does everyone automatically become one? No, only those who couldn't stand up for themselves become a ghost. Everyone becomes a creature during death that ironically matches their way… Read More
Another Zombie story from my Zombie Chronicles collection! Actually, this is not one of those Zombie love stories. This is a short story about a young female stripper of fifteen years old, who is abused by her boss (Big Daddy), thrown to a cellar in the basement reserved for the… Read More
Zombies attack teens hiding out in Pandora High School while love blooms! Read More
Marek has his mind set on revenge when... Read More

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