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Azula found herself in an undesirable position. But is saved from being gang raped by the town's sheriff, the beautiful Sayna. As cool as Sayna seemed to be in Azula's eyes, it's quickly revealed that her aura was all fabricated by her deputy and former superior Rika. The three girls… Read More
Two different rival girls seeking a desire and escape both unknowingly go to the same place. There the girls fall for Miki, a strange immortal beauty with an apathetic nature. Read More
Nagami Tsukamoto, a loner girl with a short temper but with ravishing looks is pursued by four girls much to her dismay. She is also reluctant by their lust for attention but has hidden aggressive side that excites them besides her temper. *:3 short and sexy like a skirt, wanna… Read More
There may be a next part soon :)just a short piece of fun Charcter(s) : Lotus & Miyuu Read More
Sharon Valentine is a cute very busty girl, who returns home on vacation from a college boarding school where she was bored and still sexually frustrated. Sharon then encounters a mysterious girl offering a delicious taste to her paradise of relievement. Read More
This is just a short little taste of my soon to be stories soon this fall, starring the electrifying Effy.:3 Read More
Hikaru Tamashiro is the new girl at a popular rare all girl’s college boarding school, right away she gains two best friends and manages to fit in perfectly. She then quickly meets four girls who each are different but share the same taste for Hikaru much to her dismay. Read More
Taylor and Juliet are two good friends who go on vacation to an island paradise but once there things start off a little unplanned and upsetting that they end up staying in the wrong place. But at this peaceful house close to the island shores and beauty the girls began… Read More
Kelly Collins arrives in CloverDashWood to take up a maid job offer to a wealthy woman with two daughters. There she is often mistaken for a boy,her being gorgeous and handsome at the same time, then by her tomboyish nature and choice of maid servant clothing. Though working for two… Read More
The Yoshida Family is known for being very gorgeous, wealthy, and popular in Ashikaga town, a beautiful small place. Kyoko, the only daughter and second eldest child doesn’t like the hungry fans and so much attention of all kinds of people that keeps her and her twin brother Naoto stuck… Read More
Enter the parallel world of the Ruber Blood Kingdom and meet the new identities of Kadiri and the girls. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Special* Kadiri Yasuda- Kadi& Kadia (Thief SpellCaster/Succubus) Momoko- Manami (Bunny Maid) Aya- Ayako (Royal Knight) Hatsuyo- Hatsue (Royal Princess) Cherry* Uta- Utako (Beautiful Hunter Assassin) Nene- Nishi (Cat… Read More
Michiru Shinsato is now out of school for the beginning of summer vacation, ready to relax and have some fun but finds herself filling in for more work at her part time job at Rosaceae restaurant. But her next costumer may change things, Karina Yasuda, a spunky and playful beauty… Read More
Prequel: Strawberry Banana Smoothie ? Family Story: Fleshy Fruit Paradise/Berry Bosom Blossom? Plot: Kotomi Yasuda is a young beautiful, friendly, yet withdrawn girl and the twin cousin of Kadiri Yasuda. She has just transferred to a private girl’s school for her second year and to be near her childhood friends.… Read More
Sakura returns and goes on a birthday road trip with friends Viola and Aqua to celebrate her now nineteen years. Sakura gets many surprises like staying at Viola’s vacation mansion, seeing her little sister again, and quickly win the hearts of many beauties.? Read More
Mischievous and friendly Sakura pursue twin cousins that she has the hots for a lot, while her two close friends try to pursue her, both rivals for Sakura’s attention. Family story: Strawberry Banana Smoothie? Read More
A sweet bouncy sequel to Strawberry Banana Smoothie, introducing Miwako Hashimoto a very beautiful hardworking school girl who spends her free time either with her sister or close best friend. Trouble begins to bloom when she is put in charge of four girls coming to town and transferring to her… Read More
A sweet touching and tasting tale, with sour twists. Kadiri Yasuda is a Junior student, just transferred to a new school. Kadiri has a rare condition of a female having male genitalia and desperately tries to keep secret.But things become complicated once four girls find out. Much to Kadiri’s surprise… Read More
There are somethings in this world we are never ment to know. A world lies within ours.....they walk among us and go throughout their daily lives. Razi was one of them. All she wanted was a normal life, but she knew that could never happen. It became clear to her… Read More
In a world much like our own an odd yet young group of heros set off on a journey that will test evrything they've ever known or belived in. Darian (a young warrior torn between two worlds), Eleanor (a lovely yet couragous royal), Catrina (a servant/slave searching for freedom), and… Read More
Passions First Kiss In Between Friends or should I say new lovers... I felt like giving a wack at writting a sexy little tidbit. so I hope you enjoy! If I get at least 3 good comments then I’ll write more!!! Click the link to the right to read the… Read More
Diana (Nicknames; Di/Ana) is the Redhead Marilia (Nicknames; Lina/Mari) is the Brunette This is purely Fiction erotica. Music Room Romance is about two new lovers. WORNING the P.O.V. (point of view)might changes from part to part. Read More

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