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Life on the inside is hard for everyone, demons included, though many regularly get out only to end up back in as they never learn prison is prison. Though the council may want to thin out their problem children and the first one on the list is the average prisoner,… Read More
Sometimes soothing nightmares can be sexy, whether she wants them to be or not. Read More
Desires deep enough have a way of coming to you whether they actually get there or not depends on how willing the mind is to accept them or something. Either way James is getting messed with. Read More
Daisy accepts to move in her Aunt's house while this last one is away in Europe for the whole summer. Thinking that she was going to have the peace, Daisy soon realizes that she won't have that peaceful summer she so dreamed of... Instead, she has to bear the presence… Read More

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The Strange n' Love House

The thing about nineteen year that they're old enough. Read More

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The Contemporary erotica House

Tim gets the best send off for retirement. Read More

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