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I felt their eyes undress me. My dress clung to my body: they could clearly see my breasts. I wanted to take it off, they wanted me to take it off. - Young Isla from my sensational erotic debut novel: Thrill Ride by HJ Furl out now on Amazon! Like… Read More

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December 14, 2022

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Dean is one of the most superstitious boys you would ever meet - and as such, he will never disobey an order. What could happen if a bully found out his secret? Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A modern day poem about two lovers. Read More

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Young Hayden tries to blend in as “one of the girls” when his sister hosts a sleepover with a bunch of her friends from school. His perverted motives are not as well-hidden as he thinks, and he quickly discovers girls are just as curious to learn about the opposite sex,… Read More
Two adolescent best friends exploring a girl. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Sometimes our past catches up in a totally different venue. Read More

Tags: sex, young, fellatio, old

Two young teen friends explore each other and their sexuality Read More

Tags: young, lesbians, teen

Young Justeen is a hot-tailed teen that goes after what she wants. She gets what she wants from young stud Dwayne who is more willing then she knows Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Hot and sexy mature girl love to sock and fuck Read More
It started early Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend when I got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen.... Read More
Friends come and get one of their good buds to take him out so he can get out of a funk. Read More
On a airport layover, a man recognizes a woman for whom he had an intimate encounter many years before. His mind goes back to their brief time together as he recollects memories of an experience he believed long dormant and forgotten. Read More
Shoe store worker gets the best ride ever at work. Read More

Tags: young, adult

The escapades of a New York City young man picking up women and being picked up by women. Young black male tells this tales of scoring tail... Read More

Tags: hot, young, adult, teen, york, nyc, thot

A couple tries to cool down on a hot summers day, but it ends up hotter than it started. My first story, based on real events. Hope you enjoy! Read More
As I stared at the mirror,I noticed a lot has changed,my eye balls as become bulged,my adam's apple has become protuberent...I was moved to write this awesome poem,a poet cannot be gay in such a jocund company Read More
Thumbelina is a young blonde who broke out of her flower and into the care of a perverted older man. From then on, many things in the world, most with human shape (for some reason) steal her away. Each time she gets abducted or enters a deal with someone, they… Read More
A hot night between a young man and elderly lady Read More

Tags: funny, young, lady, stud

A young couple in love share love and sex on the first day of summer Read More
Jeremy and Jess are long time friends. They have known one another ten years. Since the first time they spoke both knew that they would always remain in each others lives. After a long night of swinging back a bottle of Vodka, Jeremy and Jess have one hot, passionate, crazy… Read More
(Please know that this is my first story. The first chapter is an introduction to the characters. Chapter two I will really start into the story. Please leave feedback and comments. Sorry for any miss spellings or grammar errors. I was in a hurry. PLEASE ENJOY!) The story of Izzy...… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Who knew such a bad night could have such a great ending. Read More
The New Kid in Town. The trouble making new friends Read More
Karen starts her working life as a sweet innocent young girl, what happens along her journey will surprise you. She met a few interesting people along the way but one in particular... well you will need to read it to find out more. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Laurie Carter seems like the perfect wife and mother, exemplary icon of the community, but she has a secret. She's the biggest nympho the town has ever produced. She's usually good at hiding it, but she can't help hope to see her son's friends in all their glory, all at… Read More
An innocent yet vividly sensual display that depicts two long standing friends who finally succumb to their carnal desires. Read More

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