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The Room 501 House

She took him into the woods. Blindfolded him and fucked him in their view. Read More
The building orgasm is now strong enough to drench his cock, which he likes...L O V E S. Read More
Our little pet his instructions to go to the woods and meet her Master. Only she forgets to undress and kneel so is punished for her stupidity. Would love feed back. Thanks Read More
A night at the drive in theater, turns to a night in the woods. I had this dream and it became a story. As of Friday, August 10th. I am going to release a new version of Ch.1. The new release has a lot of the same aspects.… Read More
Jay is a preverted young man who stumbles upon a sexy blue-haired and eyed girl in the woods. The girl is Mermaid, she has magical powers, and she wants all his wishes to come true. Read More

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June 13, 2010

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I wrote this for a laugh :) please leave comments. (by the way its abit blue) Read More
Minerva, the mistress of King Hermes, pretended to the throne. She kidnapped little Prince Alex. A wizard found and saved him. The wizard took Alex to a mysterious land of wizards, witches, and supernatural creatures. There, Alex was raised, fell in love, and discovered his past… Read More
X-RATED. A Very disturbing, mind blowing, and stomach renching story. A yound couple who travel to michighan in the hope of getting married stay in a secluded cottage in the middle of the forest. All seems fine but they take a trip into the very bowles of hell when they… Read More

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