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Xaihere is a dark wizard with a heavy burden, will he be happy with the results of his choices or will guilt get in the way? Of course other's opinions might sway his mind largely. Read More
Sonia is a cursed and troubled Princess, on a quest to save her Kingdom, when she meets Prince Kristian with his army of men. The Prince turned mercenary has become weary of battle after many years and he longs to settle down away from warfare to make a new life… Read More
Oliver a 43 year old man, Nova's father is cruel and will do just about anything to gain favor or power in society. Even marry his daughter off to the richest man he can get. Which is the purpose of the birthday party. Being as old as she is now,… Read More
Bella, Daman, Avery, James and Rosalie are about to start their 5th year at Hogwarts together with Lily and Albus, who will begin their third andfifth year. Rosalie is exited to see her boyfriend, Jake again, but also to see the love of her life, James. Avery is exited to… Read More

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