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We should have never been. Maybe that's why we were.A classic case of forbidden love,mates and a unknown future. This is my story of my life at least some of it. Read More

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Poem about witches skiing, Bewitched Read More

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"The sanctuary is protected. There will be no quarter, there will be no mercy." Legends and rumors abound about the Isle of Frith. Once cut off and isolated from the rest of England, its now a tourist destination. The residents are warm, friendly, kind, and intensely private. The last ferry… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people. Read More
Alora is known as The Twiceborn, cast adrift from her long-dead clan and feared by townsfolk around the countryside for the dark power she commands. Yet some, through desperation,will pay for her services.In return,they get exactly what they pay for. Alora is tormented by her legacy and is forced to… Read More
When Katherine turned thirteen, she was claimed by one of two warring immortal gods. Her best friend Sebastian was claimed by the other. Now sworn enemies, Katherine must find a way of stopping Sebastian from destroying time and creating chaos. Sebastian is not above using anything to get to her.… Read More
Manon Maxim is an otherkind. Otherkinds live unnoticed among the human beings for thousands of years already and do anything to keep their talents secret. When an otherkind abuses his or her gifts Manon is deployed to do something about it. Therefore her life is an unpredictable chain of investigation,… Read More
The world is thrown into commotion since the invention of the Portal. The discovery of a new dimension, Emoworld, makes clear that not only in our sleep and in our own heads a dreamworld exists. It's a real world with real people. And not just people, but also different lifeforms… Read More

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There exists a school deep in the Forbidden Mountains, where all creatures of myth and legend convene to teach the young to exist among humans, to survive in a world unforgiving. Deep underneath the school sleeps a werewlf more powerful than any ever seen. The Mother Wolf, and above exists… Read More
This is the life story of a once simple girl named Jasmine, But vampires, Immortal's, and Lust soon took over her. Read More

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January 27, 2012

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Life has gone to shit for Spellbound. First all her family dies; next she is shipped from foster home to foster home. When she is finally out on her own, she finds out why everything was the way it was, why everything is the way it is. And she is… Read More
TWILIGHT AND NON-TWILIGHT FANS WILL LOVE THIS STORY!!! Please read! (This novel switches between POV's: Bella, Selena, Christen, Bree) TAKES PLACE IN NEW MOON: My extended version of the Twilight Saga, New Moon and so on. I thought the story needed more pizzazz, and Bella needed to be more interesting,… Read More
Struggling with a sleep paralysis and a lifetime of unexplained paranormal events, Willow Graves just wants to find a place to settle down. Lake Serenity seems like the perfect place to begin unraveling the webs spinning from her head. For almost a year, she feels as if she made the… Read More
"Good evening my delicious little darklings of darkness. Wyntress Nyght, here, serving up your forbidden dose of supernatural crack. So hook up your IVs, roll up the psychic and toke her, or offer up your shot glass for some ectoplasmic delight. For I have the phantasmal kick you have all… Read More
Lilitha Kiwako's life was ruined over a simple rumor the village had came to believe. Carrying the title of a 'witch' on her shoulders, she has never had any friends...until one day she met a strange, spunky girl named Anna Tiashima. The two had fun times together, until one night… Read More
Lily/James Marauder Era FanFiction - Written in style with 'Princess Diaries': Lily has absolutely NO idea why Dumbledore suddenly chose her to become Head Girl. Well, she was a prefect and all, but still: WTF WAS HE THINKING? And on top of that, her sworn enemy, James Potter, is Head… Read More
Minerva, the mistress of King Hermes, pretended to the throne. She kidnapped little Prince Alex. A wizard found and saved him. The wizard took Alex to a mysterious land of wizards, witches, and supernatural creatures. There, Alex was raised, fell in love, and discovered his past… Read More
Jane and Alec Volturi have had black hearts long before their vampire days. But how did they get that way? Read More

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