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Penumbra is a world between worlds. Here humans and creatures of myth exist in an uneasy peace. The Shadowlands to the north are home to the Krill clan, a ferocious group of lycanthropes, hell-bent of revenging the slaughter of a sister colony. One of their own will become a prisoner… Read More

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August 09, 2019

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Skyler never really thought about it before, being in love. Sure she wanted to be with someone just like all the other girls, but falling in love? No, she never really thought about it that much. At least not until she saw him standing in her kitchen, tall and muscular… Read More

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Two hunters face a challenge so great that it may ruin a love so deep. Trolls, witches and sorceresses, strong ale and topless barmaids, and an adventure to save a town lies in the hands of two lovers. Join the adventure with Hobin and Awoken and find out who wins… Read More

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Teen Witch: Sophomore high school student, Bree Nelson is a shy, artistic, bookwormish young girl with a complicated vibe to her. Her twin sister Lisa is the opposite of the two. She is the more vibrant and social one. Bree always looked up to her younger twin sister, because she… Read More
When a pastor finds a girl running into his church late one night, he can't deny being taken with her, however, something a little more sinister follows her. I bet you think you know how this story is going to end, don't you? Bet you're wrong;) Read More

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The action starts in the Pigwelts School of Magic and Spellcraft, where Hermione seeks to get a rather inconvenient curse lifted. This is nothing to do with a certain other series of books that were popular some years ago (all the copyrightable names are completely different), so just get that… Read More
Sonia is a cursed and troubled Princess, on a quest to save her Kingdom, when she meets Prince Kristian with his army of men. The Prince turned mercenary has become weary of battle after many years and he longs to settle down away from warfare to make a new life… Read More
I bet I could tell you what you were thinking about.” He says leaning down to my face as I scoot back nervously on the couch. “Were you thinking about me licking that sweet pussy of yours? Or was you thinking of my fingers slamming in and out of you… Read More

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Sleeping beauty... Innocent and fragile... saved by her prince and ever the damsel and the perfect lady... This is beauty in a new light, or rather the absence of light. Beauty in the shadows. Innocence lost... Fangs and blood and some raunchy royal play... The old favorite with a twist.… Read More
Here's what I want you to do,”I began,trailing my hands up the shy girl's sexy body to wrap my arms around her neck.“I want you to do all I want, and I want to do you bad. Then, I want you to let me go and never mention this to… Read More
EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age Read More
The year is 1705. Annabel McGraw seeks to make a home in Carbrey—a small village on the Scottish coast—ever fearful that her secret will be discovered. A practitioner of the forbidden ancient craft, Annabel faces the hangman’s noose if the truth is revealed. When the villagers become suspicious, she knows… Read More
Ashley is a college student, female and 100% human. But she's not just any human. She is a human blood donor. As in, only her blood can satisfy any vampire's thirst and they won't need to drink from other vampires. She acts as an emergency nurse for her clan, The… Read More
A witch hunter in the middle ages has doubts if what he is doing is right. But during a murder investigation in the small English town of Dover, he will find redemption. Read More
17th Century novel about a girl who meets the witch who saves her life. Contains lesbianism and adult content. Read More
Welcome to the Ministry, a world controlled by those that can see into your darkest desires, know your very thoughts, where there are no rules but theirs. This brief introductory chapter I hope will give a hint of what is to follow but I'll say no more and let you… Read More
Bella, Daman, Avery, James and Rosalie are about to start their 5th year at Hogwarts together with Lily and Albus, who will begin their third andfifth year. Rosalie is exited to see her boyfriend, Jake again, but also to see the love of her life, James. Avery is exited to… Read More
There are somethings in this world we are never ment to know. A world lies within ours.....they walk among us and go throughout their daily lives. Razi was one of them. All she wanted was a normal life, but she knew that could never happen. It became clear to her… Read More
A walk through time as a Witch Vampire Hybrid tells her story of how she became the most feared and powerful vampire to walk in the U.S. She tells the story of love,hate,war, and passion. It all began for Morrigan just as she was about to turn 18 during the… Read More
Witch, Demon, Sex, and Sins. Read More

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