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The BDSM Erotica House

Beth has a hard time dealing with loss, she struggles with guilt and seeks to find ways to forget the past and move on. When she finds another who deals with the same loss she is certain she can make it through with his help but he isn't up for… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tyshae is a widow who has to learn to live again after her husband dies. She moves away from where their life was in order to due that. This is the story about her learning to due that and how two hunks that want her more than anything. Its a… Read More
(CANCELLED) Jeanne has been working for Grant Stafford for two years as his assistant. It's been two years since her military husband has been dead from war. She always dreamed about being with another man, especially Grant, for that long, but afraid to be touched by another man other than… Read More
Marlene, ten years a widow and now struggling to run the large ranch her husband had left her, finds a man half-dead on her land. She brings him back to her ranch house to let him recover, but when all the hands have gone to bed, she enters his room… Read More
Zack has been living alone with just him and his step mom for two years since he was fourteen. Their relationship is anything but the normal one everyone thinks. Now after her boyfriend proposes to her and he along with his two kids move in with them will Zack still… Read More
Terra meets the man of her dreams... but it came with a complications... major complications. But does it matter? Read More
A widow of a novelist meets a college graduate online. They decide to meet up in person; the widow wanted to somebody who listens to her unhappy life with her dead husbnad. The graduate wanted to get to know somebody from literary world. They meet up. They share bed one… Read More

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