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Sexy,sassy Solentville Tales is a screenplay set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away. It features a boatyard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe. With different scenes and characters emerging throughout… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After leaving in the middle of last year with the explanation, Lexi Corewell is back for senior year at one of the most elite private schools in the country. Only one other person knows why she left and is holding it over her head. her ex wants to get back… Read More
FINISHED-When Laci Jensen gets sent to a luxurious rehab, and starts sobering up she has to face demons from her past, deal with an overly perking nurse whose determined to be friends and tries to resist another patient who she has a weird pull towards even though he annoys her… Read More

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January 20, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

FINISHED-When Lola McAdam is dragged to a college party by her best friend Jules she meets gorgeous guy that makes her feel like no other guy has ever has until she realizes that that guy is her best friend Jules's brother the exact guy she was told to stay away… Read More
Amelia Madison-Ann McCoy. I'm not sure if that's who I am, anymore. Hiding and lying was never something that I would voluntarily wrap myself around in but..., I just don't want anyone to know about this. Heavens, they would try to separate us without a single blink of their waiting… Read More
26 year old Casimir Falun is a popular author from Oxford, United Kingdom. He always prefered to keep to himself due to a complicated family problem. He lived on his own, didn't have many friends, and rarely went out unless it was needed. One day, out of the blue, his… Read More

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