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This is the END...or the Beginning? Through epic tales of times long past, there is often the expression "Once upon a time..." This phrase is used to encapsulate a vague idea of who and where and why and when. This soft introduction into a story is how you would start… Read More

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August 03, 2019

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He was a slave, an assassin and a soldier of the Caliphate of Egypt. He was sent as an emissary to Rome to solicit western help in fighting the Turks. Little did he know that he will be the instigator of the greatest war the world has ever seen. Read More

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Every blood goes back to its roots Her name was Rachel..... Her visions and nightmares brought her to a place hidden from people's eyes. "Who are you ?" Said that tall brown eyed boy "Who are you ?? Where am I ??" " Name is luke and you are in… Read More
A soldier encounters a horrific being while stuck in no-mans land. Read More
Awakened from her slumber, Veronica does the unthinkable to put an end to a war that's been going on for 50 years. But little did they know that awakening her 3 years before her actual summoning, would unleash the beast within her as well. Read More
WELCOME- To a brand new World. Xilonia (Zi-Lo-Nia) is a planet trapped in a war it never wanted. Xilonians (Zi-Lo-Ni- Ans) are the beings that call Xilonia home. They are now….nothing but strangers in their own Land. They have been routed by their enemies the Acri (Aker-Ri)…..and the Xilonians have… Read More

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When free-spirited Arjenis leaves her peaceful grassland clan to explore the vast lands, she gets caught up in the violent mysticism of the forest clans. When she meets an ambitious young leader of a forest clan, her fate turns dark. Read More
A Farewell to Arms is the definitive war novel. It is hard to cover because we don’t fight wars like that anymore. But the love story is the real heart of the piece. And that's what I centered on here. For you closet existentialists out there. If you stayed awake… Read More
The Kidz Club is a story about children growing up on the Medway in Kent during the war years in the early 1940's. It takes the reader on a nostalgic trip back to the innocent but dangerous times when the common enemy were the Luftwaffe who were bombing England's main… Read More
A greedy King who is determined to rule over all, including the lands belonging to the Vampires. A Vampire Queen determined to protect her lands and her people. A Dhampir, who is just learning what she is and unsure of her capabilities. Her family killed by the King's soldiers, she… Read More
MR X is a cold war spy thriller set in the late 1950's. The story is based on the trials and tribulations of two British secret service agents from London. They are employed by the government and are assigned to recover and rescue an important British agent who has been… Read More

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This novel features horror and sexual scenes. The human world knows of vampires, but not the war. A war Rayna finds herself in the middle of one night. In order to preserve her life she must do everything The Master asks, including giving up her humanity, but then a discovery… Read More
Sexy,Scottish historical period drama set in the 17th Century which focuses on the trials and tribulations of "The Marquis Of Montrose" and his gorgeous wife Isabelle. He inherits the family title from his late father after his sudden demise.This romantic yarn takes the reader on a historical journey to a… Read More
Two clans are in a heated war that's been going on for generations. A young werecougar man believes he knows his stand point and position in the war and in his Pride. Until he meets a conflicted werewolf that changes his outlook on the war and the enemy. Read More
Childhood friends soon find themselves on vastly different paths. One is a king who's destiny is more entwined with fate than he would ever believe, and the other a brutal dragon slayer who's heart will unite two warring sides. Read More

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In the small kingdom of Calvar, lives a woman like no other. Her name is Aurora. She's a princess but unlike her sister or royal kin of the past she doesn't wish to live the life of luxury. All she ever wanted was to be a warrior , She did… Read More
This is a story about a boy who grew up in a family divided by nationalism, in a country that led several wars during his upbringing. The stories from the boy's life are being compared to some of the horror stories from the time of war as well as postwar… Read More
The place, a little homestead out side of Rome, Time early morning as the sun was not even over the trees and the clouds of the nights storm had passed. A young girl in rags walked down a dusty road her feet were bare and she carried two buckets both… Read More
First chapter of love at war, where a young lady from a secret organization who had to cross dress as a man due to certain problems consulting to be a woman instructor. Read More
Celeste Montgomery is a vampire slayer who attempts to stop her romantic feelings towards the Vampire King, Lucas. Read More
This is what i did this new year :) i just think that this lines i have here can help to make our world peace in every lines i have here has a good meanings that gives a reason for what we live . Actually i use these as my… Read More
Daydreaming of sex was Gil's pleasure throughout his day, but with the General of their troops? Carrie Wildrose. will he get her as he think or will it just be all in his head? Read More

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Summer Tempest – Synopsis The plot of this novel relates the era of the late 90s up to the beginning of the current century. It's the era of hope for peace following the peace agreement between the State of Israel and the P.L.O. organization that was signed in 93, and… Read More
Some eighteen months before the “Tet offensive”, Nick Spree a U.S. marine fell into the hands of the Viet Cong during a night patrol in the South Vietnamese jungle. He was captured in the vicinity of Hue, was led by his captors northwards, across the border into North Vietnam; there… Read More
(FINISHED!) At the age of fifteen, Faye Dawson's family was kidnapped from her. The only way for them to release them safely is for her to be a hired killer, or an assassin. She did not want to do it, but she goes with it, for her family. Now five… Read More

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