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"Turn round, drop your shorts and prostrate yourself along the length of the desk. Grip the edges. Do not move till the punishment is complete." Read More

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"Only in his dreams?!? Nope, he needs to find a reason for further punishment. I’m guessing that headmistress was looking for any reason to exa..." Read More

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Throughout history, people were told that masturbation was bad; that it was, as St. Thomas Aquinas once coined it, 'the sin of self-abuse.' People were told masturbation made you go blind, that it was evil and that such acts should be punished. I'm sure there are still many who believe,… Read More
Can you be in love with two people or am I just a slut? Read More
Another helping of my smutty prose that I wrote a while ago. Read More
Its raw. There's no subtlety. We just needed a good fuck. Read More
Lily just cannot understand why Sirius is addicted to Muggle comics. She discovers the answer in the most awkward way….. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tales of a young ginger milk maid working with horny males! Read More
Another entry into the voyeuristic diary of a orgasm craving 30 something. Read More
Diary of a single girl, voyeuristically sharing her sexual exploits and fantasies as they happen. She joking refers to the diary as MR Voyeur as it is her ever constant companion as she sets out to fulfill her sexual appetite. Making new friends along the way. Read More
Janice has been grounded by her mother and investigates chat sites on the PC in bedroom. Read More
Belinda's quest to reach the peaks of physical fitness, led to her reaching a few other peaks as well. Read More

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