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Marie goes on the hunt for a cock and finds a very suitable victim. She starts her evening being the hunter, but by the end of the night she ends up being the hunted. But was there a set up? If you have read the previous stories, you'll know. Read More
Marie gets a job and sees a red haired woman with a flower in her hair that intrigues Marie. Karen has a proposition for Marie on her their lunch break that is "risky buisness" in open stalls. Marie secures her job position when her moans are heard by a male… Read More
Marie gets ready for her "dance" by easing the tension by herself. Rachel, a new character is introduced in the story. Marie performs her dance to a dark skinned man while Jazelle sits on Marie's boyfriends lap. Steve gets his wish granted by Marie as Jazelle gives Steve a "ride." Read More
Steve and Marie go camping and meet a couple that need to get away for "private time." Too much alcohol leads Marie into erotic trouble. Steve takes an opportunity where revenge is best served hot. A souvenir is found by Marie and now Steve will get another fantasy fulfilled Read More
Jessica was a beautiful, sexy young woman. A tall, athletic strawberry blond with a gorgeous smile and amazing blue eyes. I came to care very deeply for my step mother.... Read More
Josephine is moving away from the shelter of her parents for the first time. Whisked into the adult world she is met by alcohol, drugs, sex and abuse. She meets new people; good and bad. Will she make it out in one piece? Read More
Sir Niko (Nee Koh) and Sassbrat live in Whipping Willow, a private, gated, lifestyle exclusive community founded by Sir Niko 10 years ago. It's a haven of pleasure and pain. Read More
Arianna meets a handsome dominant stranger. (This only has a few chapters. Still working on it as well). Enjoy! Read More

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Not really a novel (yet). Trying to figure out a story to weave around them. Read More

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