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The continuation of On the Rocks Part I Christian is a man on a mission looking for a beautiful woman who is willing to join him on a sexual excursion unlike any she'd ever experienced. Part II will take you into the mind a man fueled by sex. And introduce… Read More

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A steamy and passionate encounter that will leave readers wanting more. On The Rocks will have you seeking a thirst quenching escapade all your own! Happy Reading! Read More

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Nick falls in love the very first day he meets Gabriel. This is Nick and Gabriel's own story from Heaven & Hell, before they meet Millie. Read More
Come on ladies we have all been there where we have been in love with a guy and then you hear those words spoken the ones that make your heart crumble 'friend zone' This story is about Hannah and her best friend Dan he is the man of her dreams… Read More
Just a random scrawling that turned into a book in progress. Loosely based on people i know and things i have done it has become more of a mezzanine autobiography of my life. The picture accompanying it, is genuinely of the two people who inspired the characters of John and… Read More

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