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Two married cleaners in a sports complex change room double team an over excited virginal Imogen. Read More

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February 17, 2021

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Spoilt rich bitch Bella Saunders' mother works for Howard Hartman, who is one of the most powerful men in the country. Bella thinks she’s in love with the powerful older man and lets him take her virginity on her eighteenth birthday. Bella believes Howard loves her and her obsession with… Read More

Poem / General Erotica

October 08, 2020

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And now for something silly... Read More

Featured Review by Precious Pearl

"I am in love with your poetic style. Outstanding!" Read More

Jodie always wondered why her co-workers had always warned her not to get involved with her boss. One night after being stranded at work because of bad weather, she found out why and wished she'd listened to them. Read More

Tags: rape, virgin, boss

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My brother asked me to help him out with some trouble, and I get more than I bargained for. Read More

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Penumbra is a world between worlds. Here humans and creatures of myth exist in an uneasy peace. The Shadowlands to the north are home to the Krill clan, a ferocious group of lycanthropes, hell-bent of revenging the slaughter of a sister colony. One of their own will become a prisoner… Read More
Victor Feral steals the only daughter of his enemy. A rare She-wolf, Mica will not only secure the future of his dying pack but also prevent her father from encroaching on Feral territory-At least that was the plan. Mica claims Victor-or at least her wolf side did. However, that will… Read More
Sometimes soothing nightmares can be sexy, whether she wants them to be or not. Read More

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Chelsea's in need of a new place to live and is introduced to Dante who has everything she needs. Read More

Tags: sex, lust, virgin, friends, oral

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Long time relationship can still offer surprises. Read More

Tags: sex, virgin, anal, rough

Angelo de Costa robs a million in diamonds but finds himself without a get-away car. Shouldn't it be just his luck that the season's hottest debutante rolls by in her new sports car, sponsored by daddy. At gunpoint, she agrees to hide him for the night... Read More
Justin is a handsome 25-year-old young man. Has the world at his feet and changes his girlfriends with the speed of light. His specialty is the girls at his work especially the ones that resign. He loves to make his moves on their last day of work and after he… Read More
Your pussy all the way. Read More

Tags: virgin, lick, pussy, cock

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A woman is captured by mercenaries, but one is not what he seems. **WARNING: intense and graphic torture and rape descriptions** Read More

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Finian and Jack are ushered into a world of Unicorns and Nightmares when they are courted by men from another dimension. Though there is beauty in that other dimension, there is also danger. How much will they be willing to sacrifice to find peace? [M/M slash romance nonhuman threesome/moresome (with… Read More
When a business man notices a young woman in his train carriage, she evokes a memory of when he and a classroom friend, interfered with a girl in their school class, on the train, over a decade earlier. This time, he gets to make things right when he notices this… Read More
When Cat, a heavily pregnant gay woman decides she wants to give birth as a non-virgin woman, after she was impregnated with a turkey baster by her girlfriend and her brother, she enlists the aid of a truck driver, who, on a one off, allows him to take her virginity,… Read More
An engaged mature man seduces his future, college aged virginal step daughter on a very warm day while on a blended family picnic. They have it off in a shaded tree grove by a river. Read More

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Emily grew up with two certainties: that she would work in the volleyball world, and that Riley would be by her side. In a matter of months, she loses both, and there, her life starts spiraling down. The self consciousness about her looks goes from easily containable to fullout war… Read More
Jane believes her plain looks will never get her a guy. Two camp leaders, Felix and Jonas make Jane the centre of attention for herself and then opportunistically squeeze her young body between their two peckers. Read More
Emma loses her virginity at Schoolies. Read More

Tags: sex, virgin, first-time, mf

Short Story / General Erotica

February 26, 2017

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What to do when you run out of seats... Read More
Five friends go camping, will all of them stay friends and will all of them be the same afterwards? Read More

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Two troubled and tortured souls find a moment of bliss in each other's arms. Read More

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Two people playing their parts collide, and in the most unlikeliest place find a salve for their wounded souls. Read More
Eighteen-year-old Lucas Stone is a first-year college student who has found himself unexpectedly sharing a dorm room with his classmate Charlotte Bouchard. Over the past few months he has secretly struggled with latent sexual feelings for her even as they grow ever closer. Luke had never imagined that this golden-haired… Read More

Book / General Erotica

September 17, 2016

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The Contemporary erotica House

Here in Book One, Angela Fox’s awakening to what she had been missing all these years had been incited in one night completely by accident. Locked out of her apartment in only a sleepshirt provided the opportunity of a lifetime...a chance encounter with her hunky neighbor, Roland Hamilton. She felt… Read More
Camilla and Michael have been in love with each other for over a year, but have only met in person three days ago. They knew that they could not live one second without each other so were just married at the courthouse... let the wedding night begin. Read More
Shy Lark has dreamed of being more to the neighborhood kid Skippy. In one night can she make her reality better than any dream? Read More

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