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Lonely , desperate, dream , self service , shame , need . Love only cums in his dreams .Starved for the warm touch of a woman , the gentle touch of wet lips rolling his tight slippery foreskin over the thick head of his long , engorged cock . Read More
Kristina wanted to see what we had recorded so I plugged the video cam in to the computer and showed her the result and she said Mmmmmm that is wonderful. So sexy and sweet don’t you think? Read More

Tags: fantasy, erotic, video

A couple tries to cool down on a hot summers day, but it ends up hotter than it started. My first story, based on real events. Hope you enjoy! Read More
Sitting at night playing a game, and your girlfriend takes an interest. And so does her chest. Warning: Breast Expansion Fetish Inspiration: Read More

Book / General Erotica

February 11, 2015

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Star Dust is a world famous recording artist and Ian Astor is a renegade Hollywood director. Can they make a long distance relationship work? Read their story, access their private emails, voicemails and texts here and at Read More

Book / General Erotica

December 11, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tara is a big girl and is so sexually frustrated but with no one to releave her. What happens when all her fantasys start coming true. Read More
just some things I need to say. I also will be making a video where ill be saying these exact words. Read More
These are some things I figured I would talk about that hopefully people should know by now. Read More
in this I talk about the stupidest things I've seen online in which I talk about them. Read More
For Lansette everything happened very fast. She was busy at the video store looking for something to watch that evening. As she looked up, she gazed into golden brown eyes, which stared back into her green ones. She has seen him there before but never so close-up. On many occasions… Read More
Here is a script to a music video about a sexy woman who wanted a lot of jewellery from her rich partner. He brings her jewellery, but she quickly sees these gifts come with a price; her submission. She succumbs to the rich guy's wishes, and he makes her body… Read More
just me rapping to "Dis Aint What You Want". i didnt like this song before i heard the remix:} ill create a cover for my freestyle someday... Read More

Tags: love, song, cool, wants, angry, video

She was raped on the train, yet kept safe, and will she ever be the same again? Read More
She's having a normal day, until he walks in and changes everything. He takes his time with her, and she's loving it until she realizes that he may not be the person she thinks he is. Read More
In the 1970s, I ended a period of anxious unemployment by enlisting with a very sober insurance company: assuming that it would mean nothing more than years of tedious days in a quiet, anonymous cubicle. Instead, what awaited me were Three Great Loves - in addition to secrets, confessions, deceptions,… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This was the opening to my series Freaks Cum Out which was about a girl taking care of her little brother because her mom was on drugs. She meets a guy (Brandon)who saved her little brother from harm. They start a relationship but one small secret hunts her and the… Read More

Tags: sex, rape, video, freak, fiend

Further adventures with Matt and the video camera. Read More
New uses for the furniture. Matt adds to his video collection. **Graphic Content** Read More

Tags: sex, video, mirror

Mild Sci-fi, since it is set slightly in the future. Political overtones, while addressing technology (ie. video games) and their influence on an individual and societal level. Read More
This is going to be a five part tale of five women who make their own sex videos. This first story is kind of long, but I had to set up storyline. Read More

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