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"When I was little, I believed that the most terrifying thing in the world lived within the dark confines of my wardrobe. If I knew then how wrong I was, would it bring me comfort? Sadly, dear reader, I know now that it would not." November 1844: Elizabeth Borrie, a… Read More

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The Strange n' Love House

Sometimes a little luck can mean the most, and Sterling was definitely lucky to catch the eye of a Duchess well trained in hand to hand combat. Read More
Our story begins in a quaint little town somewhere in England, on an old, dreary road that houses several old properties. Many of them mansions, some manors, and some unfinished construction projects that never really came to completion. Though dreary, this road was clearly not poor. In fact, it was… Read More

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A village at the bottom of the mountain is held captive by a powerful, ancient being. A sacrifice is expected in order to ensure the towns peoples safety. Read More
A spine chilling ghost story set in the 19th century which describes the events surrounding a mysterious and supernatural "Phantom Coach" Which collects unsuspected passengers along a dangerous journey when they accept this means of transport by mistake. During one such evening two people board the coach only to find… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

When her father dies, Trudi Styles is left to fend for herself in the murky back streets of Liverpool. Miserable and discontent, her life takes a dramatic turn when she goes to work at for a mysterious man in his large mansion. Her duties go beyond the normal ones you… Read More
Alice Saunders is a young woman bound by social expectation. Her fate is to be maried and put on display like a China doll. But she dreams of something more. Little does she know that her adventure will come in the form of a mysterious white haired stranger who steals… Read More
Samantha, a well groomed young lady of fortune, is tortured by forbidden love. But, when she discovers that the object of her affection may indeed be interested, she throws propriety and caution to the wind. Read More
A young woman dreams of escape from her every day life. But when do dreams bleed into reality? Can she really handle what she has wanted for so long? An old Victorian mansion, a mysterious man, and carnal urges. Can she handle the end result? (This story was written my… Read More

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