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a dream vacation to Tahiti for some time away from home and away from kids. Thanks for reading, I appreciate any feedback. Thank you :) Read More
The first night of a well deserved kidless vacation. Please enjoy and I look forward to your comments. Read More
It was the summer of my 16th, I was in vacation in Canada with my great god father's family. It was there that I met his grandson Sean, and thus began one of the most exotic and erotic summers of my life. Read More
Adria is a up-and-coming sculpter who is a beautiful tan brunette, but in order to get famous, she catches the eye of her favourite artist. Little does she know, Vazille's eyes are imagining her naked, and they're going to get to see her naked, sweaty, and making love. Read More
Mike travels to Brazil and encounters a sultry Latina by the name of Leona. For the illustrated version which includes a video at the end go to: Read More
A woman has an experience she'll never forget when on a solo trip that was meant for two. Read More
Nicole just recently got a divorce and wanted to take a vacation to start over her once horrible life. A man name John changes everything about her and gives her the time of her life... Read More
EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age Read More
Phoebe Washington has been looking forward to her four day vacation in Brazil for a very long time. What makes it even better is that her sister, Emma, came along too. But when they end up in a Bungalow Jungle Lodging in the middle of the Amazon and not at… Read More
this is the story about a girl, her friends and their story. it has somewhat graphic material and its really sad and painful. rape and strength Read More


January 25, 2011

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((Rated X for strong langue, some gore, and sex scenes that will be coming up at some point. You are warned now.)) Emma Grey was new student at Seneca Valley High School, and she only managed to find one friend here. She was the schools new freak, and not that… Read More
his is something that actually happened to me a few summers back. I'm not sure if this is considered a normal summer vacation, but if any of my readers can relate to it please comment and let me know. It took a lot of my soul to pull this together,… Read More
Christina doesn't want to go an a cruise alone, but when she does go she comes across someone she didn't expect. Read More
Tale of two lesbians who fall in and out of love Read More
A tropical vacation is supposed to be warm. Sometimes it can also be hot. Read More

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