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After they have studied together at the VUB Brussels university, Frank Poireau and Clara Poupard lose contact with each other. Six years after their graduation, Clara contacts Frank again. She wants to come to Brussels to visit him, and have a serious talk with him. Frank Poireau agrees... Read More

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With just over a week before nineteen year old Jen leaves everything she knows and heads to her new life, 200 miles away, she decides now is the time to get rid of some unwanted baggage. Asking her casual, older boyfriend for his help before they go their separate ways… Read More

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Summer is hot and all shame is about to go to hell in Noah's dorm. The campus is about to become one big lust relief area. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Welcome to LUST RELIEF UNIVERSITY! The semester is about to start. Jimmy Matthews is starting his university life. A freshman at Lust Relief University, he is about to discover a world with sex hiding around every corner of the campus. Exploring the campus library, he discovers that this wasn’t just… Read More

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Nick falls in love the very first day he meets Gabriel. This is Nick and Gabriel's own story from Heaven & Hell, before they meet Millie. Read More
A story of a university experience. Read More
Sometimes having a crush on your hot college Professor can end in tears and heartache but sometimes it ends in unimaginable pleasure... Read More
Josephine is finally going to University. She's finally going to be away from her controlling mother and over protective father. But what the hell has life got in store for her? Read More
Josephine is moving away from the shelter of her parents for the first time. Whisked into the adult world she is met by alcohol, drugs, sex and abuse. She meets new people; good and bad. Will she make it out in one piece? Read More
Ok guys, the story HAS NOT disappeared, I have deleted the other one and attempted to make it neater, Please ENJOY. A girl named Libby has always had to put up with Alyssa annoying everyone in highschool, and acting as if she was the popular queen of the school. But… Read More
Lucy is in love with the University heart throb, does she have a chance? Read More

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Can she save the world she loves from digital rape? Read More

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