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Cute idiot professor trapped in his classroom in just his underwear, and a mob of mean girls on the attack. Read More
An arrogant collection officer falls into the clutches of a client who decides pesky bill-collectors don't need clothes. He escapes wearing almost nothing but his eyeglasses! Read More
Preston falls into the clutches of a gang who rob and strip him, escapes in his underwear chased by a mob, and ends up in even worse trouble than before. Of course those mean girls at at the bottom of it! Read More
Poor Preston falls for the worst set-up yet, doing a dangerous errand in a bad neighborhood dressed in his preppie finest. This time the evil girls have dreamed up a masterpiece of humiliation for the unsuspecting young gentleman. And this is only Part 1 ... Read More
A conspiracy of stern adults and mean schoolmates decide that petticoat punishment should become a lifestyle for former bully Preston. He even becomes a straight-A student. Does that make up for going to the library wearing a frilly little dress? Read More
Unruly bully at a teenage birthday party gets his comeuppance in petticoat humiliation for the amusement of all his friends… and then sissy blackmail! Read More
Mia is more beautiful when she strips naked. Read More
When Tori meets the sexy playboy who has been seducing nearly every woman in town into his bed, she finds herself madly losing control over him. Read More
Chase gets horny and aroused whenever Mila is teaching in class. Read More
Brandon Hall is dying to watch his favorite Spanish soccer league, while his wife, Mila, is bent on tricking him to bed. Read More
Mila Brooks is the new sexy lecturer who makes Chase Hughes' dick go rock hard in class. Read More
Mila Brooks wants to break up with her demon-alike lover, Chase Hughes, but then ends up spanking and fucking him instead. Read More
Bitch and Dicking like to fuck and spank each other up........................... Read More
Love me first before I eventually make love to you.................... Read More
Sweetly sex......honeyed sex.........office sex.......... Read More
Porn, porn, porn.........paradise, paradise, paradise............. Read More

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