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Na jaren haalt zijn verleden een man in. Op een avond ziet hij in het spelprogramma "Blokken" een kandidate die hij jaren daarvoor kortstondig gekend heeft. De herinnering aan hun eenmalige ontmoeting tijdens een studiereis naar De Panne aan de Belgische kust overweldigt hem plots... Read More
Dave and Diane go to a birthday party. Read More

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December 12, 2015

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A face can paint a thousand words and a smile can sink a thousand ships but a mirror reflects the truth of who we are.In today's society one is judged on personal appearance to the point that the content of character matters very little.The media has influenced how we dress… Read More
A short article on my point of view of the effects of media on children and the future of our youth. Read More
Just a story... hopefully you'll find it funny? Read More
the story is factually based, it revolves around the thought process of a transgendered person who struggles with the person that they are and the person that others see. It tries to detail the conflict of their birth gender, with the gender that appears to be locked inside them, along-with… Read More
This story takes place in an alternate reality about 30 years in the future. A chemical plant accident has killed all traditional foodstuffs, and left the human race with far more females than males. The solution to the food problem is a monthly draw from eligible females to decide who… Read More
This story contains extreme sexual content. A delivery driver who loves to cross dress is kidnapped by a Dominant Transsexual one Saturday morning while delivering a large television to her house. Little did he know how much that day would change his life. Read More

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