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What women won't tell men Read More

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"That's a deep, disturbing visual of death. I love it!" Read More

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We All Have Secrets. The mistakes within this story were left in on purpose. In life there are no options to go back and make changes. This is how the words flowed to my mind. My fingers shook and missed strokes but I was completely honest. Thanks in advance for… Read More
This will certainly provoke you to see world with a new perspective! Read More
Jeremy and Jess are long time friends. They have known one another ten years. Since the first time they spoke both knew that they would always remain in each others lives. After a long night of swinging back a bottle of Vodka, Jeremy and Jess have one hot, passionate, crazy… Read More
This is a story for those who may not have gotten love right on the first go. For those who settle in a unhealthy relationship simply because it's comfortable or are afraid. For those who use the kids as an excuse to continue to be abused, neglected, feeling unwanted and… Read More
I start a new life with a handicapped boy whom I adopted after finding him, abandoned, on the beach. His beauty and the peace of mind he gives me is so rewarding I never mind taking care of him. But one day, I find him having sex with my helper. Read More
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A little game of truth or dare turns on to be a sex adventure. Read More

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During the holidays at university Arabella decided to join a au pair agency a great chance to see the world learn a new culture maybe a summer romance with a nice boy, but none of that happens for Arabella she becomes the attention of Gregg the multi millionaire who shes… Read More
This was written as a short story although there is truth in the words. This happened to me with a wonderful friend of mine when we first met on another poetry site. This is my side of the story stating how I felt at the time. I know that One… Read More

Book / Adult Romance

September 13, 2013

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Betrayed by his wife, and a friend, an executive transfers to a job in India: where he finds a new, and more intense, kind of life. Read More
....THE TRUTH ABOUT SHOES Can you remember your first pair of shoes? Maybe, maybe not. Okay then can you remember your favourite pair of shoes? Each time you went past the shop, did they sit in the front display, your eyes drawn to the glittery straps? Or maybe it was… Read More
The truth is revealed, and both participants are longing to prove exactly how they feel..... ;) An extract from a story I began to write, however, time is not something I have anymore. So this is now the product of that idea. Also, constructive criticism of my work is greatly… Read More
Following the lives of a group of wealthy, sex and love addicted wives who meet weekly at a spa/jewelry outlet called the Divine. Every chapter focuses on one of the five women who share their journey together through passion, sex, love, sadness, alcoholism, betrayal, hilarity, and friendship. Release Date: TBA… Read More
Aastrid Falls is a fictional truth written to capture the reader. Aastrid Falls is a story of love found in the later part of life. It’s the kind of love that encompasses the very word used to describe it. Aastrid Falls has anticipation, longing, fulfillment, ecstasy, and divinity. The male… Read More
Here is chapter 2 of my new book I hope you like it. I tried making it shorter hope you like. Read More

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The Sequel to In the Strangest Places. After reciving a chirstmas present from his aunt Adrian is determined to find the father that he has never known. Read More
The day Amelie turned 18, she decides to leave her old life behind to start a new one. A new one without disappointments or setbacks. A new one that should be happy. She always wanted to experience happiness. The happiness parents have, when they're playing with ther children, the happiness… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 23, 2010

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My Friend Joshua Boyde asked about love...(to read follow the link ) Here's my answer :) Read More

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