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October 21, 2020

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Featured Review by Dick Wood

"The other day, I saw a music video of My Cat Named Dog done by the group, They Might Be Giants. Its a cartoon and I thought it was good. Check i..." Read More

Life for too many of our children, Harsh and true Read More

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This is based on a real memoir. . . The highly erotic chronicles of a sheltered woman desperately yearning to be free from her highly restricted way of life. She was raised in a religious household with a strict preacher for a father and a religious zealot of a mother… Read More

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Safe, sane and consensual are the principles of bdsm activities. The form a joined emblem of lust, trust and awakenings. A novella by three. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

It is part true experience, part fiction. I am not done with some of the stories i am writing but just wrote this as it was on my mind for sometime now. Would appreciate comments and suggestions. Read More
This is what I'd like to call a mostly true memoir. The names and locations and anything that will provide a reader with the slightest idea of who I am is changed. But the stories itself ring of truth. In a way I guess this is a diary that follows… Read More
During a summer sojourn to the sunny Spanish Mediterranean,nineteen year old Adam finally gets in touch with his long-repressed queer-self.Through a series of steamy encounters with the local passionate Latin men and a trio of beautiful transsexuals, he embraces his true identity. An explicit semi-biographical erotic account of a young… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Emmaline ran away from a haunting past. A past she hoped to bury but what she doesn't know is that the past will always come back to find you. What will happen when the big bad Alpha Perry comes into Emma's life? He will shed the light on the legacy… Read More
The intense personal reflections of the author / consensual slave. Read More
The innermost reflections of a consensual D's slave concerning his transformation from an Alpha male to a submissive beta male. Read More
Together for almost 10 years, our relationship became grounded on understanding and after 2 children together our love keeps growing.. First time writing like this .....true story Read More
I place a pair of dice, black and red into the hands of my Sir. My gift to him. Read More
A true story with just the names changed. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This pretty girl is having some very dark dreams. Full of pain and lust. The nightmares awaken this kitten to seek her Master and finally receive what she has been looking for but, is it what she really wants? Is he strong enough to handle her and all her broken… Read More
This is based on facts about my 1st sexual discoveries, shared with a girl who was totally inexperienced as well. The dialogue is approximate using what I can remember, but the events are real. This began nearly thirty years ago, and I remember everything fondly. Read More
I know this is tame compared to my past work...but bear with me! I imagine the person who inspired it has no clue. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Sylvia is a human working in a werewolf brothel, in a town that has gone unnoticed for centuries. One night, she is kidnapped by an obsessive werewolf who has stalked her for months. Thinking that the man she loves is gone forever, she thinks of giving in and marrying him… Read More
Kylie and Kevin have been friends from kindergarten. After their high school graduation, Kylie confessed her love to Kevin but was heartbroken when he told her that he only wanted them to be friends. After graduation, Kylie received a full scholarship for a college in Florida leaving Kevin to realize… Read More
The stories in the My Wife Collection are based om our early life together when we spent our time being young and free with no inhibitions or children to hold us back. Read More

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This is a true story & account of a married man finding another love, the beginning, middle & end. Exciting, sad, emotional & controversial are just some of the comments given to me after people have read it. Read More
bama too realized that and smiling told me ..’’ hey … it is normal for you to look at it . but your looks may not direct at me . o .k ..’’ your two mangoes are largest and I loves to see it ..’’ Bama blushed and bewildered .… Read More
Following the lives of a group of wealthy, sex and love addicted wives who meet weekly at a spa/jewelry outlet called the Divine. Every chapter focuses on one of the five women who share their journey together through passion, sex, love, sadness, alcoholism, betrayal, hilarity, and friendship. Release Date: TBA… Read More
Semi-autobiographical. This is one of my first stories, so please give feedback. Any and all criticism or pointers are welcome. Judge me! :) Help me get better. If you like something, please tell me what you like. If you dislike something, be specific. Thank you!! Read More
REAL CYBER_SEX STORY between me and my neighbor just trying to fool around and have fun. This happened last year. Read More
This is the true story of my life right now. I really don't know what else to tell you except that, as difficult as this is to believe, this has actually happened to me. This is my life. If I had to sum it up in one word: strange. Read More
this is a short part of a story idea i have. read and let me know what you think Read More

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