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Newly single and on a vacation what will happen...... Read More

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Not tonight, Trakka… Peter Hunter 'Not tonight - I'm afraid…' 'But I haven't seen you for weeks, Bobbi…' I protested. 'You've been in the States - working in San Francisco.' 'That - that is the point Trak, she replied 'you did not think I could last that long without it… Read More

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A trip to Ramania was a trip of the moment. no place just to the airport and buy a titcket. Was it fun at the time, Hell yes. Do I ever whant to go there again, Fuck no! Anabell and George are best friends and they want to do something… Read More
Using characters from "It Should Have Been You," a different story is painted of Jack and Marie. Follow them on a date with X-rated material. A/N: This has nothing to do with "It Should Have Been You" except the use of the characters, and is not in the time line… Read More
I wrote a sort of 'journal' while studying abroad after each trip I took while living in the falsely stereotyped dark city of Amsterdam and aimlessly traveling around Europe. Outside the Bubble refers to the 'bubble' that the United States has become, and I think everyone and anyone should seize… Read More
John builds a time machine and travels back in time with some of his friends. Read More

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May 16, 2007

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In a purple haze of drug induced purtiy, I found myself. The purple refers to those lil' purple heart acid trips you could buy. It's wierd,and I don't really like it, but I miss those damn tiny lil' doors of escapism. Read More

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