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Laney Cassidy is fed up with her government. It's not the democracy she was raised with, she wants it back. A company known as Global Expansions bought out the USA and now running it. People are going to prison for the littlest things, even getting killed. She is part of… Read More
This is going to make no sense unless you have read some of the preceding stories in the series. It is Caitlin and Kate's big day - what could go wrong? Read More
Ordinary is not a word used to describe Charlotte. Charlotte and her girlfriend Samantha seem normal to the rest of the world, but inside their own home they practice a BDSM relationship. The only people to know about this is their friends Jeremy and Austin. Everything seems to be going… Read More
Brad, Rick and Jill find another way to make the endless lunchtime hours pass by.... Read More
My first kiss was stolen. By Justin Bieber. Most girls would be pleased. Thrilled, even. Me? Not so much. I'm his girlfriend's best friend. I don't love him, so why do these feelings keep torturing me? Read More
Julia Rhodes is engaged to the love of her life, but when a man from her past suddenly appears,old passions resurface. If she falls into the trap of her former lover's arms, she will loose the man she loves. Julia has to fight a battle between right and wrong, and… Read More

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What do you get when you throw together two sister, and a father? Well you get a twist of fate. But heck, love is love who cares what form it comes in. Luna, Sabriya and there father Jarred, live normal lives outside the house, but under its roof they are… Read More

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