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This suicidal story is about a person who finally decides that they have had enough of life in general and decide to take their own life in far away Scotland.The broken marriage had played a significant part in the persons decision to end his life.He had never quite come to… Read More
Lorraine wakes up to find herself in Jackson's home. He is caring for her, but what does he really want and is Lorraine going to let him have it? Read More
Lorraine is introduced to her masters' friends and is treated far worse than she had been expecting. NOTE: THIS STORY MAY OFFEND, I ALSO WISH NOT TO ENDORSE THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY SOME OF THE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Read More
Lucy finds herself trapped inside an erotic mansion ... Read More
They had been found, and we had been warned. The vampires had told us if we leave them be they would leave us be. We couldn't do it we had to have some stupid ass person go out, and hunt down one. Not only one an important one, hell no… Read More
Kayla gets caught by her brother and raped Read More
It is a short horror story concerning one mans nightmare as he is trapped inside his own dream and meets a terrifying and blood thristy creature. Read More

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