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Let's start with a prologue! With the first book being edited because let's face it, I am a story teller not editor and hey, I'm okay with that, I thought I would start some basic work on book two of The Cursed King and The Girl Who Became a Goddess.… Read More

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Enter Emereld. Em for short. Exit Emereld. And thus is the eb and flow of Em's life. Leaving is her specialty, though she prefers to call it travelling. She drifts through life, living by her mothers live and let go philosophy. But while she runs away from reality and all… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

17 year old Ashley is tempted to see her 20 year old roommate Joan as she just had a bath & walks out with a towel around. In their fight for SEX and SEXUALITY, Joan hits her head against a sharp edge, faints. Ashley takes advantage of this, has sex… Read More
This is the story of a 15 year old girl who discovers that she's attracted to a 28 year old straight woman. Read the story to know how she proposes, persuades and CONVERTS the straight to have her on bed.... Read More
Children are not allowed to read this because it may have different kind of issues that they might not understand Read More

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*dicontinued* Frey thought he was happy moving from town to town with his circus, the endless piles of no strings attached affairs easy as non-stick band aids. However when the independent and hard-to-get 'Just' Herot comes to work for him with his sister Pandora his heart may be left unprotected… Read More
about an ex girlfriend who was abused as a child. Read More
During the second age of war, when the mighty Ne'chehhet empire set out to make war upon the Cho'nieb people in the south in order to punish them for the wrongs which they committed against the Bonku'eb people, subjects of the empire, a timeless drama did then unfold. A little… Read More
My name is Tyler. I'm just a normal teenage boy.... well, WAS normal. Every thing changed, my life, my surrounding and me. Myself. It all started when I was in primary school, lots of things happened. Death of the loved ones, bullying, rape and hardship. Usually by some of the… Read More

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