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Book / BDSM

February 07, 2023

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Summary- Two Lovers broken apart by a cruel event. One of the lovers is a young girl named Maybelle. And Maybell is responsible for a heinous act. She is responsible, and so she deserves to be punished. She deserves everything that he does to her. Doesn’t she? The other Lover… Read More
I always wanted to be a success in my life. I wanted to be good looking. I wanted money. Respect. Prestige. I wanted a beautiful and kinky woman. I wanted health, to be fit. I wanted to be tough. I wanted to have a winning character. Oh, yeah, and a… Read More
I'd sometimes wonder what they would say if they knew what the quiet, skinny and plain lad was imagining... Read More

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The heavy blow of the leather paddle rocked her nude frame simultaneously as the pain spread like fire across her left buttock. She gasped and clenched her teeth - the first one was always the worst. Till the second one... Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 30, 2020

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The execution of Queen Anne Boleyn. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

When builder David Scott meets Alice Creswell who comes from a wealthy family, for the both of them it’s love at first sight. When David realizes who she is, he knows her parents wouldn’t approve of him and tries to fight his feelings for her. David eventually gives in and… Read More
This play features the characters of writers from "Booksiesilk" whom I am well acquainted with on this site. This story is set in a fictional bar in London during the present times. It will contain many different scenarios and social events including a fashion weekend,book launches,a swingers club,Ann Summers lingerie… Read More
His name is know, his face looked for. Cilian works for the mafia, and is one of the boss's top men, but when he finds himself at a tight spot, he doesn't hesitate to turn to his childhood friend. Joe is a good shelter, both emotionally, and physically, however, will… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Depression affects 1 in 3 people throughout their life.It can be controlled with the right medication and the love of a supporting family.Nobody really appreciates the real desperation and helpless that afflicts the victim of this menacing psychological illness.Unfortunately for me I am affected by anxiety and depression which is… Read More
This suicidal story is about a person who finally decides that they have had enough of life in general and decide to take their own life in far away Scotland.The broken marriage had played a significant part in the persons decision to end his life.He had never quite come to… Read More
Hope springs eternal for romance seeking Sarah as she meets her ideal guy online and embarks on a wild,lusty and passionate relationship. Dowdy old maid Sarah works for a haulage company in downtown Sheffield operating from a bland Portakabin. One day her life changes forever as she begins an online… Read More
Lusty afternoon romp leads to murder as two co-workers take advantage of a quiet lift to have sex with each other. Clare has just been offered her dream job and is currently working for a marketing agency in the centre of London along with Blake. After the sudden death of… Read More
Sexy drama based on an old school reunion where one 40 something former pupil of a school decides to look up his old classmates for a weekend get together in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Whitby. It's been over 20 years since any of them last saw one another… Read More
Tom and Leo have now moved on with their lives after the recent tragic events which unfolded in the last chapter of Solentville Tales.Having lost his wife and daughter Tom decided that it was high time he and Leo engaged in a new project. This project involved either building or… Read More
PROLOGUE "The game will be started in" The program said then the game begin. All the player held their linkage right arm in the air and said. "Xerot activated!" then a deadly and most cruel game begin... The players started to scattered as the game started. A guy started… Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

December 09, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

In the shallow marshes of New Orleans rest a secret as ancient, and evil, as time itself. During an era where witchcraft was rampant, and the dead was believed to walk the earth, seventeen-year-old Noah Grey wants nothing more then to leave the shady streets of supernatural speculations behind him.… Read More
A man is seduced by his boss, at the office, and they begin a hot and heavy romance at a company picnic where he finds that she is a wild animal. He paints on the side as if it were his main source of income. He gets her back to… Read More
Raylee Andrews, a survivor, of the many things that have happened in her life. She has been through more at her age then most people go through in a lifetime. She is much more reserved then most and hardly lets anyone in her heart, let alone close to her... so… Read More

Book / Adult Romance

July 20, 2012

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The dull grey sky, the shivering raindrops, the agonizing memories, would the Sun ever return? Would someone lead the warm light rays back to Earth? Since his parents' deaths, Ken Tiagor's life had been full of violence. Revenge is what he wanted. Though, does seeking revenge mean clearing the gloomy… Read More


January 18, 2012

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

"I could tell he was sighing, because when he exhaled an extra huge cloud of smoke glided swiftly from his mouth." So much can happen in so little time. Read More
Jasmine didn't think she'd ever see her former lover again after he passed away from a violent beating in an alley late one night. But two years later, she comes face-to-face with him at Red Moon and something sparks between them like never before... Read More
i wanted to create a movie called Asmodeous cause i was obseesed with the legend. so here is a little sneak preview of how Sarah is staring to see a different side of him and Asmodeous is beggining to see real true love instead of lust all the time. so,… Read More
Minerva, the mistress of King Hermes, pretended to the throne. She kidnapped little Prince Alex. A wizard found and saved him. The wizard took Alex to a mysterious land of wizards, witches, and supernatural creatures. There, Alex was raised, fell in love, and discovered his past… Read More
Jane and Alec Volturi have had black hearts long before their vampire days. But how did they get that way? Read More
Chapters 36-40 Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.36 By: girlish 9/30/2007 Monique asked for water. Rock poured the water into a cup. The sound of the water hitting the bottom of the glass Read More
During the second age of war, when the mighty Ne'chehhet empire set out to make war upon the Cho'nieb people in the south in order to punish them for the wrongs which they committed against the Bonku'eb people, subjects of the empire, a timeless drama did then unfold. A little… Read More

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