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when the lights go out all bets are off! Read More

Tags: touch, lights, core, mercy

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Sometimes it's the little things that mean so much Read More

Tags: feeling, touch, moans

Just when I've thought this out, and concluded that these feelings I have for you make no sense and have resolved to turn them off, I find my desire for you ruling against my determination. And then my whole body aches for you again, yearning for a touch I've never… Read More

Tags: sex, romance, love, touch

I thought about you, craving your silken touch. I was shaking, fever raging from my desire for you. I imagined your lips, delicious and warm, and my body trembled, unsated, needing your touch. From my window, there was a speck of a blood red moon, which only served to remind… Read More

Tags: sex, romance, love, kiss, touch

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A girls night out turned into a different type of night. A man, a game, and a little fun filled the night away. Read More

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She needs extra credit for screwing up all the time. Will her professor be willing to give it to her? Hope my extra credit is up to Professor SW's standards;) Read More
I hope you want this too... Read More

Tags: desire, longing, touch

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At the suggestion of a friend this was derived. Thank you Samnash for helping to release its potential. Ya'll know I'm no poet, but keep insisting otherwise.... Also for you Megalips for inspiration. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think--Amy :) Read More

Tags: touch, thoughts, wind

a daydream, short story and some titalation erotica, written simply because I couldn't sleep Read More

Tags: kiss, tease, lesbian, touch

I surprise evening of submission to my Dreamgirl. :) Read More
A dream of how I would spend the evening with my Dreamgirl. Thsnk you for reading...:) Read More
I was on a baseball trip missing my girl when out of nowhere she surprises me with a visit. Read More
A game played between us taking turns, or who can top who in surprising wake up sex. Read More
Prom night from beginning to end. Starting with a pre prom bubble bath, to limo rides, dinner, dancing, and beach. Read More
Finding time for recreation in the shower. Hope you enjoy...Thanks for reading...:) Read More
The first night of a well deserved kidless vacation. Please enjoy and I look forward to your comments. Read More
A short story about making Princess feel the way a princess should. Hope you enjoy...Please I appreciate any comments...Thank you for reading... Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

(FINISHED)Twenty year old Tiffany Causby is young and innocent and ready to party and experiment after high school. Siddy her best friend then introduce her to 28 year old Dylan Johnston who is hot and interesting but too old for her. Tiffany doesn't care about the age, the attraction between… Read More
I began to write these for my girlfriend. She never knows when or where she will find them. She loves it. This is the second phase of the Getting to Know, about getting to know her body as well as possible. I would appreciate any feedback. Read More

Tags: romance, love, kiss, touch, oral

I started writing for my girlfriend, she loves it...She never knows when or where she will find a story, a letter, or a poem. This is the lasts that I wrote about taking my time to get to know her body. I would love any feedback positive or negative. Thanks… Read More

Tags: romance, touch, skin

(CANCELLED) Jeanne has been working for Grant Stafford for two years as his assistant. It's been two years since her military husband has been dead from war. She always dreamed about being with another man, especially Grant, for that long, but afraid to be touched by another man other than… Read More
*ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDED! Aera and her friend Lynne make their great escape to Florida, but find their travels very unpleasant and far from normal. Their new found freedom is quickly taken away after being kidnapped one night and sold in the slave market. Now Lynne faces the world of punishment from… Read More
Adult erotica. Please leave your comments and messages. I appreciate how my readers feel about my writing.. Read More
A woman's pussy is a beautiful, demanding little thing, isn't it? Just like its feline counterpart. Read More
EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age Read More
Just read..Its 2 friends who might push the limit..(: Read More

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