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Dark Elves. Enchanting, mysterious, dominating mavericks blessed with haunting beauty, great magics and built by the Gods themselves to reign over the lives of others. Hated by their Elven brethren and feared by the world at large. These slave-mongering beings stand tall and confident in the knowledge that they as… Read More
My "Go N Get It" freestyle. I just listened to the instrumental and typed this without thinking. Read More
Charlie thought she really knew her business partner, Cord but what has he up his sleeve? Read More

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When Ally agreed to sleep with her fiance and his twin brother to please him, she thought it was a one time thing. But then she makes a mistake the day of her wedding that could ruin her life! Read More
So this is a girls story of her Death and life before it. Read More
This is for all those at school, who thought it was so funny to make a joke of people such as myself, the less popular, the less fortunate, the less liked. Here's a message for you all, I'm still here, and if you thought I was wierd before...... Turn away… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A young mans love becomes a torture for him, as she reminds him of the blood they share. Read More

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