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The The Humiliation Board House

This is an extreme story of an 18 year old who leaves home and falls into the clutches of an perverted writer or erotica, who forces the young man to live a life of filth and degeneration. Read More

Featured Review by jeremysfaggot

"Can't wait for a followup chapter on this one! EXCELLENT!" Read More

A report on a new college fraternity craze, Piss Games. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A humourous poem about a health issue which affects a lot of people,piles (haemorrhoids) is no laughing matter but when you have an itch then you got to scratch it. Read More
The cocktail waitress walked up and we ordered a shot and a drink to enjoy. Since it is happy hour we made the drinks a double. As she walked away, you reach over and put your hand on my leg. I tilted my head and gave you a shy smile.… Read More
After a month of being apart, Jesse and Natalie have to make up for lost time. Read More

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