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Oliver Blake has it all. Beautiful home, doting wife, lovely children, everything one can hope for when picturing their storybook life. But there's more to it, the bumps that don't get printed in fairytales and Oliver soon finds out the hard way. Temptation is impossible to ignore when it comes… Read More
Bored with my life for inexplicable reasons. I decide to do something about it. Read More
I live the high life, get everything I want and everyone loves me. Including both my husband and my lover. Then at our Friday night dinner my lover turns up with a date. I'm not used to coming second and find it unacceptable. Time to remind him of that fact... Read More
Curiosity has always driven me. So after many emails with my new friend Ben, talking about our sexual desires, we met up and my curiosity peaked again. Just how dirty is that mouth of his..... Read More
Darren and Carmel had a threesome, but Carmel is now convinced that her husband likes their one night fling more. The bitch that also happens to be her best friend. So after bumping into Danielle in a restaurant, things quickly unravel with explosive results... Read More
Roxy wants her boyfriend to kidnap her, to punish her, but Jonny has other ideas... Read More

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I am his. His Claim. Read More
While Overcoming intense sexual emotions from a molestation incident, the girl unknowingly offers an open invite to the same pervert. Twist and turns to Simple sessions of masturbation lead to a second assault- this time, no identity hidden. Read More

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