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Love, Hugs, With The Ecstasy of Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, Book III to Torn Between Two Worlds Read More

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Saya has worked hard to forget her past, and quite frankly she loves treasure hunting, and thievery. It's fun, action filled, and fulfilling. And when one day a particular prize is mentioned, she knows it's the one for her. Only, there's a pair of thieves she hates after it at… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A woman in desperate circumstances and a man in a life he can't see his way out of are thrown together. Both are just survivors who don't want to just survive anymore, but that could mean many good or bad things. Read More
*ON HOLD* Eloise Wales tried to run away from her past after her father died but one day Mason Clark shows up and drags her back into her old life of crime. She forgot how much she loves stealing... and how much she loves Mason. Read More
A girl with it all looking for an out... Bluette Nordstrom has the perfect and most desired life to the outside eye looking in: wealthy fiance, wealthy family, she is well known and even better respected. But with a strange ability she is forced to keep secret, life isn't something… Read More

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