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The Legend goes, be where of the woman in White! Read More
Jeff and Sandy explore a sex shop in Reno, NV. and find more than they bargained for. Read More
Emma and Ethan fan the flames in the movie theater Read More
Lurid deceptions, sexy emotional tug-of-war. Read More
New York City 1938. The Great Depression has affected the American economy including English immigrants, the widowed Mrs. Carolina Bennington and her younger brother Hugh, who have come to America for a better life. Finding employment as a governess to a Broadway producer and theatre owner, she soon becomes involved… Read More
Using characters from "It Should Have Been You," a different story is painted of Jack and Marie. Follow them on a date with X-rated material. A/N: This has nothing to do with "It Should Have Been You" except the use of the characters, and is not in the time line… Read More

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