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Family, does it some times tear you a part or bring you together? Vestina, a happy woman is looking for help when she meets Ann and Ednus. The problem? Her family. The solution well who knows, even if you have a partner who won't talk to you and who is… Read More
Valentine's Day is the most horrible time of the year for Ann. Mainly, because she is single, but this year not only is Ednus in her life, but there is also murder happening in her hometown. Will Ann and Ednus be able to stop this killer before Valentine's Day, and… Read More
Ann never wants to see Ednus again. How can she trust a man that lied to her especially about feelings? But when danger approaches in the guise of royalty, will Ednus come to Ann's rescue? Read More
Family. Is there always a bond, is there no bond between them but blood? Ann is hurt and rushed to the hospital, but there are some strange things about the hospital. Why does everyone seem to know Ednus, and who is this woman that claims to know him? Read More
It has been a few weeks since the three- Ednus, Ann, and Paulin returned from India with an extra guess- Picura. But the issue now is why are Ednus and Paulin acting so weird towards the young women, and what does a strange phone call have to do with their… Read More
Treasure hunts and arranged marriages. Ann and Ednus go to India on a little vacation. But once again they get dragged into something unexpected. Why would a woman try to drown herself in the raging river, and why is Ednus getting married? Read More
Four suitors, four arguing sisters, and an inheritance. A family bond that is at stake. Ann and Ednus get invited to a birthday party, but more than just celebration is going on. Valuable items are going missing, and there are four love struck sisters. What will Ann and Ednus do… Read More
Ann Johnson, a regular police officer meets the unusual Ednus Blombard, and to not lose her job, she travels to Italy with him? What adventures await her with her new partner, and why is Ednus always involved in Ann's business especially her love life? Read More

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