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Phoebe thinks Tamara is slutty trailer trash. However, the slut releases the whorette in Phoebe. Read More
J’Arnie and Hamish promised to do their fair share of the dirty household chores in their new blended family. They get teenage down and dirty. Read More
J’Arnie and Hamish promised to do their fair share of the washing up in their new blended household. A hot kitchen encounter by two college steppies. Read More
J’Arnie and Hamish promised to keep their rooms tidy in their new blended household. An intense bedroom quickie by college steppies Read More
Sometimes the interesting stuff happens when the party ends. Read More
My first time writing stories like this so any comments or criticism or welcomed :) Read More

Tags: romance, teens, exes

At a cheerleaders' pool party, what do prying eyes spy? Read More
Cheerleaders, secret parties, and...chocolate cake? Read More
This is a story of a boy, who had no chance, and a girl, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. This is a story of ordinary lives torn apart and reassembled into something beautiful. This is a story of amazing success against all the odds. Be… Read More
Ok normaly there would be a story about a girl that has loves her guy bestfriend and he has a girlfriend and doesnt look at his girl bestfriend like a girlfriend. But no this the total opposite. Malik has deep feelings for his girl bestfriend samantha Samantha has a boyfriend… Read More
Jenny and Zac have fun in the empty classroom. Read More
Megan has deep feelings for Tyler Tyler has deep feelings for Megan But theres two giant problems They are best friends and Tyler has a girlfriend thats extremly nice to Megan But soon things change for better or worse Things will happen, will they tell each other or will it… Read More
They had been found, and we had been warned. The vampires had told us if we leave them be they would leave us be. We couldn't do it we had to have some stupid ass person go out, and hunt down one. Not only one an important one, hell no… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

17 year old Ashley is tempted to see her 20 year old roommate Joan as she just had a bath & walks out with a towel around. In their fight for SEX and SEXUALITY, Joan hits her head against a sharp edge, faints. Ashley takes advantage of this, has sex… Read More
Summeries suck... its about gay boys and a gay vampire and their probs just read Read More
Bella, Daman, Avery, James and Rosalie are about to start their 5th year at Hogwarts together with Lily and Albus, who will begin their third andfifth year. Rosalie is exited to see her boyfriend, Jake again, but also to see the love of her life, James. Avery is exited to… Read More
(COMPLETED) At ten years old Fiona was terribly teased by her older brother’s friend James Maddox, Duke of Rothbury. She grew up despising him and wanting nothing more than to prove him wrong. Therefore, this season was Fiona’s first entrance to the ton and she is more than excited. Before… Read More
A first time love between two friends. Read More

Tags: sex, love, teens

OK. Now this one is a bit more....raunchy. I warn you, this is a bit..err..explicit. As well, it is a LITTLE suckish, as I don't write erotica much. So bare with it and enjoy! Read More

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