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I’d never enjoyed the company of eight young seamen on my own before. Thrill Ride is out now on Amazon! Hello!? Read More

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"I wonder what the odds are of most sixteen year old girls losing their virginity to a male redhead.... Nicely conceptualised hj" Read More

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Farrah and Rick engage in the best sort of foreplay... Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Will gets caught listening to an erotic video and things progress Read More
just one of those days when a dream becomes a nightmare Read More
My slave Daniela is put through her paces by her relentless master Read More
My little friend continues to receive my attentions Read More
Continuation of my girlfriend's ordeal at my hands. Sex and BDSM, some romance Read More
Continuing my adventures with my lustful Chinese friend Read More
Continuing my hot encounters with my little oriental friend. sex in a public place , bondage and some romance Read More
Continuing my adventures with my naughty friend. During an overnight stopover. Sexy bondage play and a bit of romance Read More
Dan Dan gets her revenge by tying me up doing naughty things to me, Read More
I spend an afternoon living out my fantasies with my Chinese girlfriend. ??????? Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

"The teasing and anticipation of impending outcome is breath taking" To the outside world, Lucy is an outwardly unremarkable married mother of one, living in an English country cottage. But she is also a published, yet anonymous author of erotic romance. Her two identities are kept utterly separate, even from… Read More

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Two friends reunite and find themselves exploring the world of domination and submission. This is part one and it only gets interesting from here. Each story will give you more twist and turns than you can handle. Brace yourself, you might find yourself exploring new adventures. Read More
This is version 3 and things will get a little intense. You will discover the truth about the main character of this short story but don’t be so quick to draw conclusions. This story has the ability to change your mind within just a few key sentences. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

My mother has discovered I’ve been working as a high-class call girl since I was nineteen. She’s paying for me to see a top therapist to help me get better and live a normal life. Whatever she means by that, I don’t know. My therapist, Richard Knox is twenty years… Read More
I have been planning a special birthday surprise for him all week long and now it's finally here. He's definitely going to be surprised. Read More
Worked hard my whole life,never had kids,at 43 had to retire due to disability but with a huge cash out...bought some land on edge of small town did odd jobs for something to do...got a girlfriend who at 36 was tall,thin and fit into my life...she had been around the… Read More
When the word play turns to foreplay and then no playing at all... Read More

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When Frankie comes out alive of a terrible car crash and starts having visions about people and events that take place in her life, the young woman knows that something isn't right. At first she does enjoy these visions especially with the fact that Frankie lives in Las Vegas, but… Read More
Seduction at its best involves quite a bit of teasing if it comes from me... Read More

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Emma and Ethan fan the flames in the movie theater Read More
The only way to start your day... Read More
A teasing encounter for a young couple involving strawberries on a typical lazy Sunday. Read More

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