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I began writing this recently using information I gained from a friend, and combining it with my own to create a story which has not happened, but worked for me as a beautiful fantasy. It was intended to be a short story, but with encouragement at each unfolding chapter, it… Read More
When Suzy picks out a massage oil from the supermarket, she certainly gets a bang for her buck, or at least she plans to. Read More
Warning - Expansion & Gts fetish The music played in this obscure Dutch nightclub will blow your mind, among other things. Read More
This is the seemingly tall tale of the outlaw so brutal that the Devil would be ashamed to mention his name and the lawman determined to bring him to justice, whether that be the jailhouse or the graveyard. Read More
I had to make the rest of the story into a 'novel' in order to be able to add chapters to it,so this is the original story 'chased by a possessive wolf',but it justs starts from chapter 2 since chapter 1 is written as a 'short story'.You can raad chapter… Read More

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