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When charlie finds her boyfriend cheating on her she finds herself at a bar where she spots his best friend she needed a little pay back and what better way then having sex with his best friend. Read More

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September 11, 2013

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Mature Content: Follow Teagan as she finds herself in the throws of passion from the first moment to the very last as she enters into a world of passion, discipline, and sex. Read More
On the way to her sisters on a bus trip, Adrianna encounters a pervy old man and gets the ride of her life. Read More
Johnny was 13, I was 1. Johnny was the first guy to feed me his loaded love muscle a la créme. Read More

Tags: crazy, dirty, bucket, talk

Helen has given up on feeling attractive and on getting laid, until one night with her friend Joe. Read More
My wife had sex with a man while I was having a fling with someone else. Neither of us knew until a year later and I made her tell me ALL the steamy details of what they did. Read More

Tags: breasts, hand, suck, talk, cuck

Sue and Phil are a beautiful horny and highly sexual couple. Married and happy, they find fantasies an exciting extra dimension. This develops and leads to the start of a new lifestyle they had never imagined. The early chapters also appear as short stories but this is the full story… Read More
Yesterday you were given an assignment to light your mans fire. Today is the day it is due. Trust me it is the perfect way to start off the weekend. Plus lots of states are still snowed in so, take advantaged ladies. Plus I want feedback. I will not humiliate… Read More

Tags: kissing, dirty, talk

D.J lived whit his bestfriend keyke they been togater for a long time and one night keyke came home upset as hell she just broke up whit her boyfriend. when he found out he gave it a chance and told keyke how he felt will she fill the same way… Read More

Tags: sex, talk, stripping

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