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A married couple find that age is just a number during a visit to a swinger’s club. Read More
Sarah's life rapidly becomes more interesting following a night of new experiences and she is slowly but happily introduced to a whole new world of carnal knowledge and pleasure. Part 1 is just the beginning and I will develop the story from a plot I have laid out. The reader's… Read More

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The Ladies who explore life House

'Deeper, Darker' is about a young woman who suddenly finds herself single after her fiance leaves her. She realizes that she needs to experience life and learn who she really is. (This book is rated X for adult subject Material) Read More
This play features the characters of writers from "Booksiesilk" whom I am well acquainted with on this site. This story is set in a fictional bar in London during the present times. It will contain many different scenarios and social events including a fashion weekend,book launches,a swingers club,Ann Summers lingerie… Read More
The Barbie doll is an image which many young and older women have adopted since their childhood.It's the image to go where they think that society embraces their false looks. In reality there is an element of conformity attached to their choice of image because due to their insecurity,vanity and… Read More
This is the second chapter of the Lust Relief University series. For the first chapter, please find it on my profile. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Welcome to LUST RELIEF UNIVERSITY! The semester is about to start. Jimmy Matthews is starting his university life. A freshman at Lust Relief University, he is about to discover a world with sex hiding around every corner of the campus. Exploring the campus library, he discovers that this wasn’t just… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This is a candid look at true life erotica. I haven't the imagination to make up stories. I must rely on Lynn, my wife, for inspiration. Her sexual appetite is truly insatiable! Luckily for me this gives me plenty to write about. We hope you enjoy her adventures. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This is the true story of how my husband and I experimented with the swinging lifestyle. I will post excerpts here and welcome any questions you may have. I'll post the excerpts over the next couple of days. The entire book can be purchased at worldmakermedia.com or Amazon.com. Read More
Membership guarantees you a lifetime of disease-free, consequence-free sex with as many other members as you like, as often as you like. Care to join? Read More
"Beth just had the night of her life with her roommate and her boyfriend...what will happen next when she's invited to join in again?..will anyone else be there?" Read More

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