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It did strike me that perhaps my life would have been better if I’d been a female... Read More

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As this woman hurried by, I stopped her, and I asked where I was. She replied: 'You're in heaven...' Read More

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Yeah, we’re all destiny’s bitch... Read More

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"I wasn't expecting that... Your usual succinct message in a bottle beautifully written by a castaway Wordsworth " Read More

superfluous soup- romantic notions...surrogate signifigant Read More
Come join me on a psychedelically dark set of emotionally disturbing yet childishly comic tales! Or don't, as it's probably crap. But can I tempt you by mentioning that the characters include a depressed toilet, a dead dictator, an angry stockbroker with an axe, and God's testicle? If so, I… Read More
This is a morality tale about learning to love others and yourself for who they and you are. It also features a talking vagina. Read More
The story is about a village infested by wolves with its residence trapped and struggling to survive the horror. Read More
Sometimes, it's necessary to save the world by destroying a large portion of it. Read More
Just a random scrawling that turned into a book in progress. Loosely based on people i know and things i have done it has become more of a mezzanine autobiography of my life. The picture accompanying it, is genuinely of the two people who inspired the characters of John and… Read More
He chooses pain but comes back for more. Read More

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