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A psychic medium finds a captivating new lover.... Read More

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"Both ethereal and erotic, romantic and almost real. Beautifully written." Read More

Evander is a shapeshifter living in 1700's Scotland. His family is a renown family of horse shapeshifters and very wealthy. They were the first supernatural beings to reveal themselves to the public 60 years before. Since then various creatures have come into the light. There is a very tense "peace"… Read More

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This is just an excerpt for a full length story I'm working on called Evander McGaughey. Evander is a shapeshifter living in 1700's Scotland. His family is a renown family of horse shapeshifters and very wealthy. They were the first supernatural beings to reveal themselves to the public 60 years… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Ivy Sinclair is plagued with reoccurring dreams of a mysterious green-eyed lover. What happens after she meets Kyle, a sexy fireman who makes her body burn like no other and eerily shares the same visions as she does, is all mystery. She soon learns that what is natural is supernatural,… Read More
As if it wasn't bad enough that Avion was a Yorkshire Terrier shifter with albinism, he also had to deal with his impending birthday and a crazy Alpha. Read More
Ben Crane, just your average senior in Highschool, going through the normal day till one day he talks to Victor's girl Kat Bone, trying to escape Victors Wrath he runs into the forest where he meets the mysterious Headless Horsemen. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

February 06, 2020

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This angel watches over Adrian, as his guardian, his friend. But what happens when the pure being decides to take on a different form and begins to feel the way humans do? Love, hate, despair, anger....lust? Read More
In this one line piece, a group of female demons invade the dreams of a sleeping man. Read More

Poem / Adult Romance

September 02, 2019

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Autumn is the season containing pagan and traditional festivities which have existed for many centuries. The glorious transformation of nature where the leaves turn gold and crisp as the daylight and hours shorten and with it brings the chilly winds. Bonfires and Halloween are celebrated by the young and older… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Summary - Spivey point lighthouse nestled in the picturesque postcard resort of Antonio Bay is the scene of some strange supernatural events which will shake the local population to the core. An unusual weather experience occurs one November evening witnessed by the locals near to Spivey point lighthouse which proves… Read More
One man opens his eyes and sees himself in a confusing situation before sneaking a peek at what three friends are doing in a bedroom. Read More
At first, a man has thought that his wife's encounter with a certain demon was nothing more than a dream... but that's before he finds her acting unlike herself. Read More
In this one line short story, a covern of witches use their combined powers to summon a spirit for some sort of purpose. Read More
A man sees his wife allowing their next door neighbor to violate her... or so he thought. Read More
Set in a place that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia - Sultana chronicles the turbulent adventures and sexual intrigue in an ancient kingdom, ruled by a powerful, ruthless and beautiful woman. Read More

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The Room 501 House

A man discovers too late that his wife is having a supernatural visitor in their house. Read More

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Elias didn't dream with wide-eyed wonder about the day he could seek out his mate or mates. He felt trapped, constricted in a world where Omegas weren't allowed to do anything for themselves...where Omegas couldn't even leave their community. But, then he received the biggest Khonsu stone that their werewolf… Read More
Procreation and marriage go hand in hand, don't they? Read More

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[M/M, Slash] When an incubus and his harem are infiltrated by the escaped sacrifice of an infamous cult, should they keep him to join the harem's ranks? Or should they throw him back to the cultists and risk bringing about the end of the world as they know it? Warnings:… Read More

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**********Notice: This book has been removed for publishing - Author name: K.G. Inglis******** Cassie is a strong willed young woman whose curiosity lands her on Ahriman's hit list, an evil Fallen Angel determined to make himself immortal. Cassie's only chance of survival is with Alaric, a sexy vampire who unwittingly… Read More
In this two-line short story, a drunk couple goes into a cabin to get it on only to have one of them find out too late what the other's dark secret actually is. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

June 29, 2017

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Emily Orin is a 19-year-old with dreams of traveling; however, she did not know that traveling would mean to Alaska to help her farther with work. Nor did she think that would also include becoming kibble for an overgrown hairball. Ah, the joys of youth! Read More
I consider myself the poet-laureate of the nerd world. And I like my stories with a little sex and a whole lot of twists and turns. That's what you are getting here. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did writing it. And because it was so… Read More
Ellen had recently turned twenty and had celebrated the birthday by moving far from home into a new and unknown town. She got herself a job and things had been going smoothly until she noticed the dark eyed stranger who seemed to watch her from the shadows. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Jeanette didn't know what she was getting into until she met the very handsome Calvin. Calvin is the most mysterious man Jeanette has ever met. His charms and smolder reel her in even more. She learns secrets about this man, even more of a secret, he's a very powerful vampire… Read More

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Emily Silver has been having the same nightmare since she moved into the big town which was on the verge of becoming a city. Her grandmother left her a giant house there, including a huge trust fund, when she passed away. She knows nothing about her heritage or the grandmother… Read More
Ah, Christmas Eve. For Jacob, it’s a time for enjoying the presence of his family and friends, making sure that Dominic doesn’t kill his twin brother, and silently hoping that his fourteen-year-old son doesn’t get a thousand tattoos when he grows up because apparently that’s the plan. But hey, at… Read More
Vampires Dominic and Jacob have been together for almost two hundred years. Despite the pain of their respective pasts, they now have tremendous wealth, power, and-most importantly-each other. However, thanks to a new business opportunity (and an impromptu quest for flavored lube), they're about to discover the one thing that… Read More

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